Bald Men Smarter And More Successful According To Study

Bald Men Smarter And More Successful According To Study

There is no denying it. Studies have even confirmed it: bald guys are having the last laugh. They may have less hair, but they more than make up for the hair loss through greater success and brainpower.

This Bit Of News Completely Takes The Sting Off Many Hilarious Bald Jokes

It's full-haired men who need to watch their backs.


They might become the new comedy target now that studies show many people consider them less intelligent.

So, if you are bald or balding, there is no reason to look down on yourself and consider yourself less attractive. Success is almost always sexy, unlike hair.

Bald men, a study has discovered, are smarter, more confident, and generally more socially dominant. Most men, given the option to choose among these three traits and a head full of hair, would probably say to hell with the hair.


The research was done by Professor Dr. Frank Muscarella from Barry University. He discovered that bald men had greater social dominance than their full-haired counterparts.

But Men With A Full Head Of Hair Are Considered More Attractive

Yep, full-haired men still win the attractiveness battle.


And if you don't believe it, look up hair transplant surgery rates. They are on the rise. Many bald men want to join this group of men to stop looking older than their age.

But the other truth is that bald men appear to have a greater social status to many people. They did not appear threatening in any way, but the perception that they are more dominant and superior was evident among many people.


During the study, the men were ranked based on their attractiveness, aggressiveness, appeasement, and maturity.

The men in the study all had hair, but one group of study participants was shown the men with their hair digitally removed.

The results were different from what many people would expect. The bald men were considered more intelligent, masculine, and honest.

Dr. Muscarella Is Not The Only Researcher To Make These Findings

A study done at the University of Pennsylvania by Albert E. Mannes, a psychologist, arrived at a similar conclusion by showing that bald men were considered stronger, dominant, and more successful.


Another finding was that bald men were considered smarter, although this also comes with the impression that they are older.

Similar findings were made in a study from the University of Saarland, and it involved 20,000 people. That's a lot of people, which makes the results very compelling.

But There Are Exceptions To This Rule

Apparently, bald spots have a completely different impression on people compared to baldness. It turns out that such men are considered weak and less masculine.


So, once the baldness sets in, it's best to embrace it. That makes it seem you are in control and not just a sad baldness victim.

And who can resist a man who is in charge? A man who takes control of situations rather than letting them control him is very attractive and appealing, whether or not he has hair on his head.