Bad News, Ladies: Happy Relationships Really Do Make You Fat

You’re in that “perfect” relationship where your spouse is caring, loving, and faithful. No more of putting up with unanswered calls. No more texts that don’t get replied to. There are even no more girls to fight off. After having run into all sorts of toxic relationships, you’re finally happy. Nothing to worry about anymore, right? Maybe, but one research finding may or may not cause you concern.

According to a study by researchers from the University of Queensland, Australia, a happy relationship can make you fat. The study involved 15, 000 people and was conducted over a period of ten years. Participants who were in happy relationships were found to weigh 5.8kg more. They were also adding, on average, 1.5kg each year. Their single counterparts did not show much tendency to increase weight, and neither did they weigh much.

The scientists from the Australian university involved in the study had an explanation for this. Married couples often have their meals as a family. This comes with particular dietary implications. First, someone is likely to eat more when eating in the company of others as compared to when dining alone. Another explanation is that your partner is likely to transfer their eating habits to you. Living together means seeing them eat every day and the likelihood of copying them. If they have the habit of snacking every other minute, you will most probably take the cue.

Now, before you find a reason for alarm, consider these facts. Despite the study coming up with worrying findings for happy couples, it still doesn’t fully capture reality. 15,000 is a small figure to represent happy marriages in many places around the world. Still, diets, eating habits, and lifestyles are different for different couples. People also have different body types that react differently to diets.

What’s more, a caring partner would encourage healthy eating or recommend an exercise regime. The result would be a happy couple with no weight gain. So it depends on the outlook of the particular couple. How willing they are to ensure a healthy lifestyle, or how informed they are about the implications of happy relationships that the study points out.

Your partner can strive for a happy marriage or relationship but still drive towards a healthy lifestyle. You also need to play your role and lead a life that does not expose you to weight gain. You need to watch over your partner, too. Check to see that they do not just swim in the bliss of a happy relationship and forget to mind their eating habits.

It doesn’t mean that it’s evil to gain weight. I believe that happiness comes first. If your marriage or relationship gives you joy, that’s all you need. Should the issue of weight gain come up, take it with positivity. It’s not that bad that you’re overweight as long as your marriage is a happy one. Besides, you can always find ways to reduce the fat if it goes beyond what you consider comfortable. Exercise and a change in eating habits would help, and if you have a caring and loving partner, they will always be there to help you achieve your ideal weight.