Bad Luck: These 6 Things Will Help You Change Your Fortune

Bad Luck: These 6 Things Can Help You To Change Your Fortune

People often say that they are lucky or unlucky, but what does that even mean? Luck is the tendency for events to happen in specific ways. A series of positive experiences can leave a person feeling very lucky. When things repeatedly do not go your way, you might consider that bad luck.

Luck is talked about like a mysterious, invisible force, but it is simply a matter of probability. If somebody misses their train or encounters an old friend, they may question the likelihood of these occurrences and the reasons behind them. In such instances, the outcomes are a coincidence ― not the result of any direct planning. Lucky or unlucky events are no more deliberate than a drop of rain falling on your head.

Bad Luck: These 6 Things Can Help You To Change Your Fortune

By thinking that you have good or bad luck, you are treating the outcomes in your life as purely random. This way of thinking makes people believe that they have no control over the direction their life takes. While probability is a factor in some parts of life, that is not the whole story.

Blaming a lousy day on bad luck hides the fact that you have more control than you think. A lot of what we experience, whether pleasant or not, is the result of our actions and choices rather than fate. How we choose to look at the world and our situation hugely affects our satisfaction too. The list below will cover six basic yet essential steps to change the role that luck plays in your life.

Increase Your Odds

Bad Luck: These 6 Things Can Help You To Change Your Fortune

Actively increasing the odds of achieving your goals can bring you much success. You are more likely to win a lottery jackpot with more tickets. In the same way, doing everything in your power to get closer to your goals will improve your odds of actually getting there. Regardless of your aim, working hard and trying new strategies are critical to better luck.

If you want to find a new job or switch to a better role, your best bet is to apply for plenty of positions. Contacting employers and networking with people in your industry increases the probability of you coming across the right opportunity. The same is true of relationships. Meeting a lot of new potential partners increases your likelihood of finding a good match.

For a small business to receive financial help, it should find all the investors it can. An actor looking for a breakthrough must audition as often as possible. The pattern is clear. On many occasions, luck results from a person's effort and desire to spend every available hour working for their dream. Bad luck is sometimes failing to do so.

Take More Risks

Bad Luck: These 6 Things Can Help You To Change Your Fortune

Some risks are unnecessary and will backfire in the long term. Anything that puts your health, financial stability, security, or family in danger should be avoided. However, the phrase "fortune favors the brave" is correct. If you keep doing what you have always done and never leave your comfort zone, you cannot expect positive changes.

Sometimes you need to take calculated risks to reach new heights in life. Often, the greater the risk, the higher the reward. Someone who is well-prepared and has a good plan may reduce significant risks.

For example, starting a company requires significant funds, maybe from personal savings. The loss of this money would be devastating to most people. Yet, a hardworking entrepreneur with a solid business plan who understands his industry and market is far more likely to survive and make a profit.

Failure can be painful, but those who are brave enough to at least risk something are more likely to be rewarded.

Focus On What You Can Control

Bad Luck: These 6 Things Can Help You To Change Your Fortune

When things are not going as planned, the natural and easy course of action is to blame something. In reality, there is nothing you can do about past mistakes or poor decisions. Also, you may feel irritated by the government, your coworkers, and even the weather, but there is no point in stressing over factors you are not in control of.

You should not waste a single thought on feeling unlucky. Instead, dedicate your mind to things you can have an impact on. That way, you will make fundamental differences in your everyday life that you can feel proud of. Focusing on your development will take your mind off your bad luck elsewhere.

Be open to trying new things and be ready to take an opportunity if it presents itself. You might not get another for a while.

Bad Luck Or Unrealistic Expectations?

Bad Luck: These 6 Things Can Help You To Change Your Fortune

Understanding your chances of achieving something will help you a lot. If the odds are against you and you are unsuccessful, that is an expected outcome ― not bad luck. Lottery odds are so slim that humans cannot comprehend them, yet millions play every week around the globe. Because they cannot understand the probability, they are usually disappointed.

Knowing how likely something is can alter your opinion of bad luck. Since there are no unrealistic expectations, failing will not feel like misfortune. Likewise, if you fall short despite having an excellent chance to hit your target, you know it is worth trying again, as you will probably succeed next time.

Change Your Perspective

Bad Luck: These 6 Things Can Help You To Change Your Fortune

Your view of the world and your place in it depends strongly on your frame of mind. Optimism is the difference between responding positively to a setback and simply giving up.

When something goes wrong, pessimistic people might ask: "Why did this happen to me and not someone else?". Optimists might say: "That is unfortunate, but it could have been much worse."

Often, an assertion of bad luck is created in our minds. Maybe you feel unlucky for not being promoted or for not being able to afford the newest phone. A more optimistic view is that you are lucky to be living more comfortably than most of the world. This ability to turn misfortune into a positive is a potent weapon against feelings of bad luck.

Take Responsibility

Bad Luck: These 6 Things Can Help You To Change Your Fortune

Whether you believe luck is a random process or that a greater power decides your fate, only you can make a difference now. Only you can work hard to make good things happen to you. Taking responsibility for your life's progress, where possible, is sensible because you only have yourself to blame when you are unhappy.

People who don't take any responsibility rely on others to make their lives better. They will always be dissatisfied as help from others can only do so much. To be truly fulfilled, you have to succeed by yourself.

Bad Luck: Can You Avoid It?

Bad Luck: These 6 Things Can Help You To Change Your Fortune

There is an element of randomness to most things that we do. Day-to-day surprises are almost guaranteed. Some of them will be wonderful, while others can be annoying or even heartbreaking. It would be wrong to base hopes and dreams on occasional luck. It is more valuable to focus on the big picture and your progress over weeks and months.

You should not take occasional bad luck personally. Minor mishaps are a normal part of life everybody goes through. Thanks to the methods shown in this article, you no longer have to question why you are lucky or unlucky. Instead, you can take meaningful action.