Bacon Shot Glasses Dipped In Chocolate And Filled With Whisky

Bacon Shot Glasses Dipped In Chocolate And Filled With Whisky

It's bacon, and it's chocolate, plus some alcohol? What's not to love?

Since you're at home, you might as well make the best of it. Eating healthy is your duty, but if you want to pamper, spoil yourself a bit, here's a great way to combine unmixable ingredients. These shots are not hard to make, though they require time and exquisite taste. Ok, that last is totally made up, but overall it's a new way to enjoy everyone's favorites: bacon, chocolate, and whiskey.

Clearly, these treats are for adults only, and you might need a detox after. Not because you'll get wasted, but sugar plus cholesterol and alcohol, not quite the best choice for a healthy lifestyle. Now, let's start making these three-ingredient shots.


You'll need, obviously: thinly sliced bacon stripes, melted chocolate, and whiskey. Additionally, you need a shot glass and toothpicks, and a chocolate brush. Cut one slice of bacon in half, then wrap that bad boy around the glass. Then take two bacon stripes and cover up the whole shoot glass, so it looks like a meat glass. Yikes! Secure the bacon with toothpicks; you do not want this creation to fall apart. It's time to microwave your bacon glass, 3-5 minutes in one-minute intervals. When the bacon is golden brown, carefully remove the toothpicks.

Finally, you have that meaty cup-shaped creation. Let it cool off completely, and then take melted chocolate and, with a brush, fill in the holes on your bacon. Yup, you read that right. It's your art piece, and you're merely painting the meat with sugary delight. The next step will take you into your favorite pub: pour whiskey into your shot glasses. Bottoms up, and then eat the rest. Or, you can pour another round and then indulge in chocolate bacon.


While the original recipe says you should pour whiskey, you can try out other beverages, but show some self-control by not drinking the whole bottle. If you don't have a microwave, use the oven for 10 minutes. And the chocolate brush isn't a must: you can use a spoon, but be gentle. You do not want to ruin your jewel. It is crucial to let the bacon cool off, and you can also make a chocolate mouse while you're waiting, it will taste creamier. It's like the possibilities are endless.

Share your creation with your friends via social media, and invite them for a lovely Facetime night. Bacon shot glasses are fantastic, not because we love alcohol, but they require patience and time. So, with these treats, you'll have something to do while you're being responsible and sitting at home. And your housemates will love them as well!