Bachelor In Paradise': Krystal Nielson And Chris Randone's New Reality Show Will Give Fans A 'Deep Perspective' Of Their Relationship

Bachelor In Paradise’: Krystal Nielson And Chris Randone’s New Reality Show Will Give Fans A ‘deep Perspective’ Of Their Relationship

The love story of Chris Radone (31years) and Krystal Nielson (31 years) still continues to dominate the scenes even after the TV Show came to a close. Chris, who became a much-loved figure in the US during and after the Bachelor in Paradise show season 5 together with Krystal is debuting a new TV show that will be available via YouTube. It seeks to shed more light on their relationship after the two got engaged in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

According to Krystal, the two decided to launch the YouTube Channel to give their fans and supporters a deeper look into their lives and relationship. By making them part of the daily happenings, the viewers will experience yet another playground that carries on from what they left after the TV show.

In the premier's season of Glitter and the Goose, Chris will be seen traversing the country to reach San Diego where Krystal is currently residing. While speaking to Us Weekly, she says that she can't wait to unveil some scenes that give the viewers a deeper perspective of their day-to-day lives. She specifically mentions Social Media, which has greatly impacted their lives, both individually and also as a couple.

The show title's title is symbolic to the duos persona and the couples state that it's a dedication to the ABC family and their fans, who made it possible for the two to become a unit. According to Chris, a businessman and fitness coach, letting the viewers be part of their life and story will help them have a better feel of how their relationship is evolving.

In the maiden season, the fans will be allowed into Chris's and Krystal's home in San Diego and become part of their daily activities. They will experience real-life happenings firsthand allowing them to better understand the couple's love story.