Babyface Blues? 8 Effective Ways To Lose Face Fat

Babyface Blues? 8 Effective Ways To Lose Face Fat

There are a couple of benefits to having a full face. First of all, such faces are beautiful, and they age pretty well.

In contrast, slim faces make you look older. That is why those apple cheeks of baby-faced people are often linked to youthfulness.

However, a fuller face can also make people judge you and think you are immature and childish. So, you might come off as cute and approachable, but you might not have the ability to exert your strength and authority.

Therefore, many people would like to lose some fat in their faces. Usually, the reason you have a fuller face could be your weight or genetics.

Unfortunately, you can wear all the makeup you want and try using more flattering camera angles, but a face is not something you can easily hide beneath cleverly designed shapewear.

Your best option is to try tricks that can help you lose weight on your face. Here are the best ways to achieve this.

1. Increase Your Heart Rate

Babyface Blues? 8 Effective Ways To Lose Face Fat

Most people with a little too much fat on their faces have excess fat on other parts of their bodies. Cardiovascular workouts, which can lower fat in the body, can also reduce the amount of fat on your face.

So, if you have a chubby face because you have excess fat, then working out might be the solution you need to get a trimmer face.

You can try cardio workouts such as biking, running, dancing, swimming, kayaking, and taking karate classes. This idea will work out better if you can stick to your chosen exercise routine for a little longer.

2. Lower Your Salt Intake

Babyface Blues? 8 Effective Ways To Lose Face Fat

Too much sodium in the body has been linked to fluid retention, which has also been known to cause swelling and puffiness throughout the body, including the face.

One way to lower sodium intake is to consume less processed foods. Focusing on fresh ingredients can greatly lower the amount of sodium you consume.

3. Do Chin-Ups And Cheek-Puffs

Babyface Blues? 8 Effective Ways To Lose Face Fat

Unfortunately, there isn't much evidence that facial exercises are very effective at shaping the face. On the other hand, with claims that these workouts can improve your facial appearance and reverse some effects of aging, it can't hurt to give facial workouts a try.

There are some claims that facial workouts can tighten facial muscles and reduce face fat for a trimmer facial profile.

Apparently, doing facial exercises twice a day for two months was effective in increasing muscle tone—these exercises including clenching the teeth while holding your smile for a couple of seconds at a time.

Moving air from one cheek to another and puckering the lips and then moving them forward and backward are also effective ways to exercise the face.

4. Lay Off The Booze

Babyface Blues? 8 Effective Ways To Lose Face Fat

When you use alcohol in addition to sugary foods, you can suffer from fluid retention, bloating, and inflammation. The calories from alcohol can also have quite an impact on your health by making you gain weight.

It also causes dehydration, which makes the body try to retain fluids, which results in puffiness on the face.

5. Say Goodbye To Sugar

Babyface Blues? 8 Effective Ways To Lose Face Fat

You can never effectively lose fat without doing something about your excess sugar intake. You should be especially wary of sugar that comes from refined carbohydrates such as pasta, white rice, chips, and most baked goods.

Such foods make your body more likely to store fat.

Your best option is to eat foods rich in nutrients such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Avoiding sugars can also keep your food cravings under control, which would make it easier for you to lose weight.

6. Take More Water

Babyface Blues? 8 Effective Ways To Lose Face Fat

A study has proven that taking water helps you lose weight. So, the next time a craving for your favorite snack hits you, reach for a glass of water instead.

This makes sense because research has also shown that some people sometimes confuse thirst with anger and end up consuming more calories when they should be drinking more water.

Additionally, taking about half a liter of cold water can improve your metabolism by about 24 percent about an hour later. That's because the body has to burn more energy to raise the water's temperature.

Also, water reduces puffiness and bloating, which might be the reason you have a baby face.

7. Avoid Weight Gain

Babyface Blues? 8 Effective Ways To Lose Face Fat

Weight gain is more than likely to show up in your face and give you a baby-like face. So, you should choose to have a healthier lifestyle in general, and avoiding facial fat will be a lot easier.

You can avoid gaining weight through cardio, which is very effective at burning off excess body fat.

8. Get Enough Rest

Babyface Blues? 8 Effective Ways To Lose Face Fat

A study in 2017 found a strong relationship between weight gain and after-dinner snacking. Taking snacks late at night messes your circadian rhythm and increases your calorie intake.

Lack of enough sleep results in the production of stress hormones, which has been shown to lower metabolism and increase appetite.

Additionally, lack of enough sleep can cause puffiness around the eyes, which means adequate rest can do wonders for your appearance.

Other Ways To Lose The Babyface

Babyface Blues? 8 Effective Ways To Lose Face Fat

1. In addition to the options above, you can also lose weight on your face by consuming more fiber. This nutrient keeps you feeling satiated for longer, and that lowers your cravings.

2. You can also try to find out if you suffer from food intolerance. Some allergies might be the reason you have a fuller face. For example, some people are sensitive to gluten, while others have gastrointestinal conditions that might give them fuller faces.

3. In women, hormones such as those responsible for PMS can also result in fuller faces. The problem is also fairly common in peri-menopausal women. Under these circumstances, you can at least expect the problem to go away once the hormonal issue has been resolved.

4. For those who are truly desperate to get a slimmer face and no other method seems to be working. Facial surgery is also an option. During these procedures, the face can be configured to look thinner.

5. The Simha Mudra yoga pose, also known as the lion pose, has been known to engage the facial muscles and give them a workout. This pose requires you to kneel on the ground, then place your palms on your thighs before sticking your tongue outside your mouth.

After that, you should stretch it downwards forcefully before exhaling and roaring like a lion would.

6. Finally, if your chubby face comes with a double chin, you can also throw in some neck rolls.

The Takeaway

Babyface Blues? 8 Effective Ways To Lose Face Fat

Looking a little chubby on the face might be cute, but a lean face is still the dream of many. As we have just realized, proper diet, enough rest, and exercise are what it takes to contour your face and make it leaner.

Otherwise, in the meantime, you can always try makeup tricks that make your face look less fuller. The makeup option might not work for the gents, but smart hair and beard styling might help.