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Baby Nests: Everything You Need To Know

Baby Nests: Everything You Need To Know

When a child is born, he/she needs a calm and cozy environment like they have in the womb before they were born. For this reason, many parents opt to buy a product that can keep their newborn comfy and warm. The baby nest is one of those products. This article will cover all the necessary details regarding baby nests that new parents or parents must know.

Ever Heard Of Baby Nests?

Baby nests or baby loungers can be best described as a little snuggly bed for an infant. Baby loungers are mattresses that have soft padded sides to secure the baby from rolling out. These upholster sides not only protect the babies from getting injured but also provide them the coziness and warmth they are obliged for. Baby nests or infant loungers can also be defined as an alternative to mother arms, as they provide the same relaxation and comfort a baby gets in his/her mother's lap. If you want your baby to play happily while you are doing your house chores, baby loungers can be the finest selection.


Is It Safe To Use A Baby Nest/lounger?

Although baby nests are considered to be one of the best snuggly products for infants, there are still some complaints regarding them. The Lullaby trust that is a charity organization does not consider infant loungers as safe. According to this organization, baby loungers contribute to SIDS i.e. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. We cannot say that baby nests/loungers are the only cause of SIDS as it is not proven yet, but we can take some precautionary measures while using infant loungers. Some of them are listed below:


1. While using an infant lounger, make sure that it is placed on a flat surface. This will prevent the lounger from moving in random directions.

2. Make sure your baby's face is not covered with any blanket to avoid overheating. Also, make sure your baby's face is not near the padded side as it will also contribute to feverishness.

3. While your baby is in the baby nest, make sure you are in the same room so that you can monitor the baby easily.


4. The baby lounger must not be wet as it can lead to the occurrence of bacteria and viruses which in turn can lead to several infections.

5. Place your baby's feet at the foot of the lounger so that the baby has maximum space on the head side (Boone, n.d.).

What Are Some Pros And Cons Of Using Baby Nests/loungers?

Like every other baby product, baby nests also have some benefits and drawbacks.



The first and foremost benefit of using a baby lounger is that it can give your baby the same feel and comfort that he/she has experienced in the womb.

The second main advantage of using baby nests is that they are portable. This means that they can easily be carried along and the baby can get a secure and sound environment at any place.

Lastly, infant loungers can give mommies some time to rest while their toddlers are relaxing in it.



The padded sides of the baby's nests can lead to overheating if the baby is left unattended.

The baby might become clingy and does not want to sleep anywhere except the baby lounger. This can cause disturbance in the sleeping pattern of the baby.

What Type Of Baby Nests/loungers Are Best Suitable For My Baby?

Various brands sell baby nests, but only a few of them are considered superlative. We've completed a list of the best baby loungers found on Amazon. And here, in this article, we have shortlisted the top three brands so that it's easier for you to pick one.


Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest

If you want to prevent your baby from sudden reflexes, this is the best suitable option for you. This baby nest allows the baby to position himself/herself in a way that averts them from unexpected jerks. As a result, the baby can sleep and play more serenely. Although this product is a little expensive and can only be used for the first three months, it is worthy enough, keeping in mind the functionality of this baby lounger.


Babymoov Cosydream

This baby nest assists in preventing flat head syndrome. This baby nest has amendable leg rolls; hence it also contributes to preventing indicators of colic. Another plus point of this baby lounger is that it has a breathable weave fabric that prevents the process of overheating; thus, the baby stays cool as long as he/she is in the nest.


Buddy & Hope Cozy Nest

If you are looking for the type of baby nest in which your baby can play as well as can have tummy time, this is the best alternative. This baby nest has an edge as it can also be used by crawling babies.


For new parents or parents to be, it is necessary to have baby nests so that it's easier for them to manage their newborn. Baby loungers can not only provide comfort to the baby but also provide secure surroundings too. The baby can easily play and sleep while remaining inside the lounger. This can also provide an advantage to the parents as they can have plenty of time to do their daily tasks. So if you are looking to give your baby the best experiences during his/her infancy years, baby nests/loungers can play the role.