Baby Killed In Police Shootout With Double Murder Suspect Was Fatally Shot: Report

Baby Killed In Police Shootout With Double Murder Suspect Was Fatally Shot: Report

A baby aged 4 months was killed during a fatal police shootout in Mississippi. The police officers were chasing his father, who was a double-murder suspect.

After committing the grisly crimes, the baby's father, Eric Derell Smith, had kidnapped the infant.

Before he took off with the baby, Smith had allegedly killed his mother. He had also taken the life of her nephew in Baker, Louisiana.

Police later reported that the baby had passed away after the shootout.

A Witness Took A Video Of The Shootout

The man had fled over state lines, leading the police into Mississippi. While there, a witness managed to take a video of the police officers catching up with the suspect while still in his car.

In the video, Smith seems to be pointing a gun at the police officers, who then fired at his car.

The shootout didn't seem to last long, and it started after the suspect tried to shoot at the police, who responded with a barrage of gunshots to his car.

After the shootout, the man was killed, and the baby was taken to the hospital. At the time, the infant was said to be injured but stable.

It took a while before the police confirmed that the baby had succumbed to his gunshot wound.

However, the authorities are yet to say who shot the baby.

The coroner's report confirmed that the baby died from the gunshot wound he suffered during the deadly encounter. Curiously, one of the officers has been sent on administrative leave.

The Biloxi Police Department also released a statement saying:

"The juvenile did receive injuries and was taken to a local medical facility for treatment. Despite the efforts of medical staff, the child passed away as a result of the injuries sustained. As stated, the investigation is ongoing at this time. Once a thorough investigation is completed, the details will be released to the District Attorney's Office for review."

In fact, it's not even clear where the baby was shot.

Otherwise, Smith is believed to have killed 32-year-old Christin Parker, his ex-girlfriend, and Brandon Parker, 26, her nephew, before taking off with the infant.