Baby Bangs Hair Trend 2019

New year, new resolutions, new trends, new everything.

But have you given much thought to the hairstyle you are going to rock this new year?

How about baby bangs? A lot of people seem crazy about them; even celebs.

So, you can try out some baby bang ideas today if you want to be part of this exciting trend in 2019. These kinds of bangs are short and blunt and an online craze that has witnessed a 51% rise in searches on Pinterest.

Even Kaia Gerber, a popular model, wore the look and got a lot of kudos for it.

But why are baby bangs proving so popular?

First of all, they look modern, they go well with both long and short hair. They also really open up your face, and they don’t cover up your face, which is huge right now.

Besides, they will give you a cute and informal look and will still look great if you want to look a bit formal.

So, baby bangs are cute, modern, simple, versatile and quite popular.

What do you think?