Awful Signs You're Dealing With A Cunning Female Narcissist

Awful Signs You’re Dealing With A Cunning Female Narcissist

We don't live in a perfect world. For instance, we have toxic narcissists who exploit innocent people in all possible ways. But have you heard of the female narcissist? As with their male counterparts, it's no fun having a run-in with these flawed characters.

If you have met a woman with any of the following traits, then you know first-hand what a female narcissist is like.


1. She's sexually manipulative

Narcissists like manipulation and female narcissists have the advantage of using their sexuality to make others dance to their tune.

They will not hesitate to sleep with people who will get them what they want.

They also don't recognize or respect boundaries. If they want a man or something he offers, they will use their sexuality to get him, regardless of whether or not he is married.


2. All eyes on her

This woman feels entitled to all the attention those around her have to give. She expects praises and adoration from everybody around her.

Not that she can have too much or even enough of it. That is why anyone who does not give her attention becomes her target. She does all she can to ensure she earns this person's praise.

To achieve this, she can make up stories, and she will use such tactics to make sure you become one of her adoring fans.


3. They consider their children as extensions of themselves

A narcissistic mother is the last thing you need in your life.

This mom will think of the kid as a possession to be paraded around so that the mom can get praises.

As the daughters grow, they might even be considered rivals to the mother.

The mother will also overbear on the sons, making sure they grow up in a way that gets her the most benefits.


They also make very "hands-on" mothers-in-law, and that is truly a nightmare.

4. They use and dispose

Narcissists will use you, and when they are done with you, leave you. They will think they were a benefit to you and that this should upset you. However, you will be relieved to be freed of their hold on you.

Obviously, they will find a new victim. But she can also spoil your name by spreading lies about you after a fallout.


5. She can't handle any kind of criticism

When she is upset, she really gets enraged. So, when you criticize her, she will unleash all her wrath on you.

She can even attack you physically.

6. They don't get the concept of boundaries

This woman will flirt with anyone and sleep with anyone she likes. She might even be interested in someone because you were once together, just for the sake of drama.


She does not give a damn if what she does will hurt other people. As long as she wants to do it, she will have no moral boundaries to make her check her behavior.

7. Sabotaging others is also an option for them

Narcissistic women love to gossip and lie, especially against successful people to bring them down.

They destroy what they can't have.


8. She loves love triangles

When she hits on her friends' lovers, she will think it's funny, particularly when it does not go unnoticed.

The truth is that she likes to see relationships crumble, which is sickening.

9. She has a puzzling lack of empathy

She cannot put herself in someone else's shoes.


She can abandon you when you need her the most and it would not make her feel guilty.

In fact, she can attack you if your sad situation diverts attention from her. She might fake a similar situation just to get the attention you are getting.

As we saw earlier, this woman will court attention at all costs.

10. She derives pleasure from deceiving, abusing and bullying others

If there is one thing a narcissist female loves, it is seeing another human being get destroyed.


They will enjoy when your life is going to hell, and your suffering will be a delight to them.

As if that is not awful enough, they might take it upon themselves to make sure your life is total chaos or a joke.

That is why they will usually lie, abuse and mistreat others so they can enjoy their suffering.

Do you think there is a narcissist in your life? Then you need to protect yourself because they cannot change who they are. But don't let them make you think you are the problem. They are just good at making people suffer and feel bad about themselves.