Avatar's Most Important Person Not Returning To The Live-Action Remake

Avatar's Most Important Person Not Returning To The Live-action Remake

Netflix will bring back a live-action remake of Avatar: The Last Airbender in the next couple of years. Notably, Jeremy Zuckerman, the composer from the initial production team, will not be part of this production.

Other members of the original team have left in the past, including Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. The two had issues with how the film was being adapted into a Netflix live-action remake, and their departure was a source of concern for many Avatar fans.

Not surprisingly, Zuckerman's exit is proving to be a more serious issue. The composer created themes for many of the notable characters and antagonists in Avatar.

Avatar's Most Important Person Not Returning To The Live-action Remake

In many ways, Zuckerman's work offered subtle but important insights into many famous characters. For instance, he created memorable themes like Agni Kai and The Avatar's Love.

He was supposed to be part of the live-action remake production team but left shortly after DiMartino and Konietzko. Zuckerman announced his decision through Twitter.

The creators of the live-action remake will certainly feel Zuckerman's departure. The gifted composer perfectly understood the essence of the original series.

Worse still, his departure comes at a time when fans have even less trust in the remake. His contribution would have given the live-action series a much-needed connection to the original series.

Avatar's Most Important Person Not Returning To The Live-action Remake

It appears that not even the score of the original series will be featured in the Netflix series with Zuckerman gone. Typically, the original score is considered an important part of both the original and the remake.

In Star Wars, compositions by John Williams were often called the "secret sauce" of the series. The same can be said of Zuckerman's work in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Like Star Wars, the score in Avatar helps fans immerse themselves into a complex, evil, and complex world, which makes Zuckerman's departure quite devastating.

As things are, only the original creators of Avatar will be part of the live-action remake now that Zuckerman has left the production team. Understandably, fans are worried about the continuity of the show.

On the plus side, Netflix is taking steps to ensure that its adaptation avoids past remake mistakes.

Otherwise, without Zuckerman's services, Netflix's best option is to get permission to use original musical themes, which would give the adaptation a considerable advantage over similar remakes.