Hope Marshall

If They Don’t Love You, Let Them Go

February 2019

Honestly, denying someone you love is not the easiest thing in the world once he/she has a place in your heart. But sometimes, you have to do it for your own good because regardless of how loving you are towards some people, they will never return the favor.

These Gigantic Pool Floats Fit Up To Six People

January 2019

We agree. Inflatables look fun and cool; especially now that they can look like giant birds gliding over the water. But they have been too small if the new standards are anything to go by since they can fit only two people at a time.

12 Undeniable Signs Of Chemistry Between Two People

December 2018

Chemistry is the glue that holds two people together. Without it, it is only a matter of time before it becomes apparent that the relationship is sure to fail. But considering the wide range of emotions that spring up during a relationship, what signs can tell you that there is chemistry between two people or not?