Maria Smith

How to Lose Weight Fast

Published in August 2019 / Updated in January 2021
how to lose weight fast

Yes, the claims that you can lose weight fast are not a myth. And best of all, you don’t have to put your life at risk just to shed some pounds and attain your ideal weight.

Empaths At Risk Of Experiencing Compassion Fatigue, Psychologists Warn

Published in July 2019 / Updated in July 2019
empaths at risk of experiencing compassion fatigue, psychologists warn

The idea of being an empath might seem cool at the moment, but a true empath knows that having this trait is not as fun as most people imagine. Being an empath myself, I know this better than anyone. And now, psychologists are worried that empaths are at risk of experiencing ‘compassion fatigue.’

11 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Crazy For You

Published in July 2019 / Updated in January 2021
11 ways to make your boyfriend crazy for you

You are in a good relationship. Good for you! But that does not mean it’s time to relax as you enjoy your good fortune. Relationships take work, and there are still a number of things you can do to ensure that your boyfriend is still crazy about you.

A Guide To Loving A Woman With Anxiety

Published in July 2019 / Updated in August 2019
a guide to loving a woman with anxiety

Anxiety is difficult to handle, but it does not make a woman unlovable. Yes, it might feel so because as her partner, you can never really find a solution to this problem.

13 Signs That He Really Likes You (And It Scares Him)

Published in July 2019 / Updated in August 2019
13 signs that he really likes you (and it scares him)

When you look into each other’s eyes, he gazes intently at you as if looking into your soul. He wants to know more about you, and when he realizes that this stirs deep feelings about you, he will be shy to get into similar situations.

15 Real Reasons She Had To Walk Away From You

Published in July 2019 / Updated in October 2020
15 real reasons she had to walk away from you

A surprise breakup can really mess you up, even more than breakups typically do. But at the root of every breakup are very solid reasons why the relationship could no longer go on. So, by knowing a few things about your relationship, you can avoid a breakup from happening.