Worst Friends Ever Trick Mate Into Eating Warm Dog Poo (VIDEO)

Published in January 2021 / Updated in January 2021
worst friends ever trick mate into eating warm dog poo (video)

I’m pretty sure eating dog poo would be one of the worst experiences ever, but imagine if your friends were intentionally responsible for it? Apparently, eating dog poop can even blindness, which is why this is terrible and shocking prank.

Beyoncé To Donate $500,000 To People Impacted By The Eviction Crisis

Published in December 2020 / Updated in December 2020
beyoncé to donate $500,000 to people impacted by the eviction crisis

A lot of people have gotten into financial problems due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Beyoncé has stepped in to help some of them through $5,000 grants. As we speak, the housing crisis brought about by the COVID-19 has exposed many people to evictions and foreclosures.