Sara Trimble

Women Want These 11 Things in a Man

Published in Nov 2019 / Updated in Feb 2021
women want these 11 things in a man

When you’re young, you enjoy playing the field. You like having a variety of guys vying for your attention. But as you get older, it’s natural to start desiring a real relationship.

3 Ways a Narcissist Will Ruin Your Life

Published in Aug 2019 / Updated in Mar 2021
3 ways a narcissist will ruin your life

Narcissism is a term that is used quite often these days. We’re often referring to a person who’s self-centered and only concerned with their own needs and desires.

11 Ways You’ll Know He Really Loves You

Published in Aug 2019 / Updated in Mar 2021
11 ways you’ll know he really loves you

When we were younger, it was so easy to pull petals off a flower or ask the magic eight ball if we wanted to know how a guy felt. Ah, if love were really that simple. But maybe it is. We just make it difficult.