Audrey Rush

10 Reasons To End The Relationship Despite Loving Him

July 2019

As the popular song goes, “sometimes love just ain’t enough.” And it’s very true. You can have all the right feelings about this person. Hell, you might have even considered spending a lifetime together. And yet, the best way forward could be walking away from the relationship.

6 Reasons Why You Just Need A Good Beer, Not A Boyfriend

March 2019

Love has become a cultural obsession. And so, many are on the hunt for the perfect man who will fulfill their fairytale fantasies in order to unlock the door to a happy life. But that’s where people go wrong – believing that they need love to have good lives.

Husbands Just As Stressful As Children To Their Wives

February 2019

In families, wives have a disproportionately greater burden, particularly in families with kids. Women have to juggle a lot of responsibilities. In addition to being moms, they have to be devoted wives, expert chefs, and caring and comforting companions.