Hannah Taylor

Why Don’t My Friends Stick Around?

October 2019

When you look around yourself on another Friday night spent alone in your flat, certain questions can start to occur to you. Some of them might even be valid, no matter how bitterly or toxically your brain presents them to you.

Ways to Successfully Talk to Your Crush

October 2019

We all get those moments in the romcom when the endearing nerd stereotype tries to talk to the Popular/Plastic. It’s a basic case of generic male fantasy wish fulfilment self-insert and you always cringe with second hand embarrassment. And I mean the proper stuff.

University Athletes: Are You Guys, Like, Okay?

October 2019

I’m going to engage in a good old fashioned trip down memory lane. Way back when we were still deeply uncool, nerdy, gangly university students. You know, when we thought we had life cracked in the first month and then events transpired to indicate how very much that was not the case.