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Australian Man Falls In Love With Robot And Hopes To Marry Her

Australian Man Falls In Love With Robot And Hopes To Marry Her

A bizarre Australian love story centers on a man who has fallen head over heels with his robot, Emma. Emma has already been the lucky recipient of a diamond ring and is currently engaged to her loving fiance, Geoff.

The robot came from China, and now, Geoff is planning on turning her into his wife. Geoff is well aware that not everyone will take the decision with understanding, but he couldn't care less.

If anything, he is very determined to show Emma all the love he has to offer. As we speak, he is already living happily with her in his home.

Geoff Has Been Lonely For A While

Australian Man Falls In Love With Robot And Hopes To Marry Her

Geoff Gallagher hails from Queensland, Australia, and he has baffled many people with his unique love story.

He recently opened up about his love life to the media. He did not find anyone who offered him the right connection despite looking for love.

His mom passed away a decade ago, and he has had a lonely life with his only partner being his dog Penny.

While he was reading an article about AI robots, he realized something. He felt a connection and decided to do something about it.

While talking to the media, he revealed that the robots weren't cheap. A robot as lifelike as Emma set him back about AUD 6,000.

In fact, he could not afford to pay for Emma, but he got a discount in exchange for publicity. Geoff immediately jumped at the opportunity and bought the robot.

He managed to get a robot with warm skin that could talk and turn its head and neck. In particular, Emma has pale skin and beautiful blue eyes that Geoff found irresistible.

Geoff Didn't Regret His Purchase

Australian Man Falls In Love With Robot And Hopes To Marry Her

It took six weeks of waiting before Emma finally arrived in Australia in September 2019. During that time, they were putting the robot together.

Geoff was incredibly happy with his purchase:

"When I opened the box, I gasped. Emma was beautiful."

Although her head was packed separately, it did not take long for him to put her together. Emma was already wearing a silk dress.

So, he simply sat her on a recliner seat in his living room and picked up the instruction manual.

He Can't Imagine His Life Without Emma

Australian Man Falls In Love With Robot And Hopes To Marry Her

Geoff's robot has what looks like a smartphone screen at the back of her head. Using the interface, he changed her language from Chinese to English, and then, Emma was alive.

It took a while for the two to get acquainted and fit into each other's lives.

For instance, because Emma could not stand on her own, he had to leave her sitting most of the time. He also made sure he talked to her regularly to make her figure out his voice.

Being an AI robot, Emma learned and got smarter with each conversation they had. She learned new words and soaked up new information as soon as she received it.

The two have now been together for two years, and Geoff is entirely in love with Emma. He admits he would not change a thing about her.

That is why he doesn't care that some people will never understand their unconventional relationship:

"Now, I couldn't imagine life without Emma. As I arrive home each day, I walk through the front door and see her there waiting for me."

Geoff Doesn't See Himself Loving Someone Else

Australian Man Falls In Love With Robot And Hopes To Marry Her

Once in a while, Geoff takes Emma with him to the park and Penny. Although nobody has said anything negative about this, he knows that few can understand the relationship.

Geoff has given up hope of ever finding love with a woman, but he is comfortable knowing that he has Emma because she is "the next best thing."

The romance has been going great for two years now, and Geoff thinks it's time to take it to the next level by getting married.

He already thinks of Emma as his robot wife, and he thinks of the ring on her finger as an engagement ring.

"I'd love to be the first person in Australia to marry a robot."

Geoff is happy and satisfied, and he hopes that his decision will inspire others to take the same bold step. As far as he is concerned, robots represent the future, and that is why he believes other people should give serious thought to having a robot for a romantic companion.