Australian Adult Star Breaks His Penis On Set

Liam Ellis, an Australian adult film performer, has experienced a significant injury to his penis that has altered his life. As a result, he is no longer able to participate in adult film productions. Ellis, who had been working in the industry for four years, sustained the injury while filming a video in Budapest, Hungary.

Liam Ellis, an Australian adult film actor, has vividly recounted the excruciating experience of fracturing his penis while shooting a sexually explicit scene.

During a passionate on-set encounter involving a male and a female, the former bikie suffered a painful injury. Despite his reformed status, the scene turned out to be quite intense.

"Basically, I was having sex at the time... and it slipped out and I was still in motion and I wasn't lined up," the 34-year-old told the media.

"That caused my penis to bend and tear, resulting in a penile fracture," he continued.

According to Ellis, he didn't experience immediate pain, but the injury quickly became apparent.

"My penis swelled up straight away and after a few hours it went black from bruising," he explained.

Ellis is currently recuperating from surgery to mend the harm incurred from the work-related incident. However, he is understandably concerned that he "might never be the same again."

'I'm worried it might be one of those things that once you do it, it might happen again,' he said.

Prior to revealing the one positive aspect of the life-altering incident, Ellis stated his intention to be more careful in future sexual encounters.

"I got a free circumcision out of it, which is something I've always wanted," he said.

After serving over four years in prison for drug-related offenses, Ellis commenced his career as an adult film performer.

Following his release, he turned his life around and focused on his new profession.

Australian adult film actor Keiran Lee, who had previously shared the story of co-actor Angela White's near-death experience during a scene, has now disclosed Ellis' injury.

Well-known British adult entertainer Lee alleges that following a one-hour sex scene in 2013, his co-star Angela, who was 37 years old at the time, was rushed to the hospital due to a burst appendix.

"I put her into hospital and this was actually not on purpose," Lee, 39, told the Pillow Talk podcast last week.

"We were shooting content and… we were going at it for over an hour. After that, I'm like 'See you, sweetheart, lovely day'', he recalled.

Lee, whose reportedly-insured nine-and-a-half-inch penis is worth $1 million, stated that he was taken aback when he found out that White had mentioned experiencing stomach issues following their initial encounter.

"I found out two days later she'd gone back home to Australia. She said her stomach was hurting, and she had to go see a doctor—apparently, her appendix burst in the scene, which could have killed her."

When asked by the podcast host whether the size of his genitalia was the reason, Lee replied: "I don't know. But listen, I could have killed Angela White on our first scene."

White had previously issued a brief statement regarding the potential tragedy.

In 2016, she shared on social media that her appendix had been removed by doctors via her navel.

"They had to make an incision above my pubic bone and at my hip. The scarring was minimal and the recovery was pretty fast (I did a porn expo 4 days after surgery)," she wrote.