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Aussie Police Hunting 'Rogue, Hipster, Manbun-Wearing' Man Who Keeps Pooing On Front Lawn

aussie police hunting ‘rogue, hipster, manbun-wearing’ man who keeps pooing on front lawn

The police in Alice Springs, Australia, are searching for the phantom pooer who has been targeting the same front lawn every day for a week in the early morning hours.

CCTV footage showed a "man bun-wearing hipster" doing the number two every day, in the same place. The resident in the suburb of Gillen told the police that the incident had happened each night between midnight and 3 am.

Adrian Kidney, a Southern Watch commander, released a description of the man on the run. It says that the man has a man bun hairstyle, a full face beard. He wears dark tracksuit pants and a light-colored long-sleeved sweater.

Kidney stated that while some might find this funny, the police are taking it seriously. He said: "The behavior is captured on CCTV and can only be described as despicable."

Australia's full of weird poopers

The media have named the suspect "a rogue, hipster, man bun-wearing, front yard pooer." But, this is far from the first incident of this nature.

One jogger was popping outside Sweaty Betty PR company's office in Sydney recently. The jogger was caught on video, which made it to social media. It shows a blonde woman running, stopping to take down her pants before making the mark on the pavement.

The video posted by Roxy Jacenko on Instagram, who works at the PR firm, went viral. What made things worse was discovering that the same woman had been doing the same thing for the past three weeks.

Ms. Jacenko was not best pleased that someone had decided to use the front of her office as a toilet.

Hopefully, the police will soon catch the hipster pooper, because we desperately want to hear his side of the story. If there is one!