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Aussie Model Says She Struggles To Get Employment With 99% Of Her Body Tattooed

Aussie Model Says She Struggles To Get Employment With 99% Of Her Body Tattooed

A model from Australia has revealed that she is having a tough time landing a job after getting tattooed on 99% of her body.

Amber Luke has been in the news for years after undergoing various kinds of body modification. So far, she has had several tattoos all over her body, including her eyeballs.

According to the media, she has spent a staggering $250,000 on tattoos, which has gotten her the name "Dragon Girl."

Granted, the society we live in today is quite progressive. Still, job searches have not been easy for the Aussie model.

While speaking to Brisbane radio show, Robin, Terry & Kip, she made this harsh reality of her life abundantly clear:

"I'm not going to sugarcoat it, it has limited my [employment] options, but that's okay."

She believes that shallow-minded companies that can't see past her unique appearance are not for her. Such companies don't care about her morals, values, and the benefits she has to offer them.

During the radio show, she claimed that people have been brutally honest about their views on her appearance since everyone has an opinion about what beauty is.

Nevertheless, she believes everyone is entitled to their own opinions. After all, the model noted, there are societies where people stretch their necks, ears, or even lips.

Still, having strangers walk up to her and tell her she is ugly or that she has ruined herself has never been easy.

She finds it difficult that people are allowed to have such strong opinions and say them out loud without any consequences.

As far as Amber is concerned, she is not harming anyone with her tattoos and piercings. Therefore, she feels that what she does is not anyone's business.

The model has caused a lot of controversies and attracted fervent pleas from supporters who want her to put the body modifications to a stop. However, she is not paying any attention to this since she feels that her decisions about her body are all "worth it."

Aussie Model Says She Struggles To Get Employment With 99% Of Her Body Tattooed

Due to the drastic changes in her appearance, she has had a chance to realize how resilient she can get. The journey to how she looks right now has not been easy, and she has put her body through a lot of stress.

Tattooing her eyeballs was one of the toughest things she had to endure. After the procedure, she was "completely incapable" of being independent.

She also cried bright blue tears after the process. Amber then decided to remember the occasion by having a tattoo of a woman crying blue tears drawn on her chest.

The eyeball experience almost made her give up body modifications for good. However, her urge to keep changing her appearance was too strong.

She has undergone significant bodily changes since then, including getting breast implants worth $70,000. Amber has also gone under the knife to get cheek and lip fillers and a Brazilian butt lift.