Aunts Are Extremely Important In Their Nieces And Nephews' Lives

Aunts Are Extremely Important In Their Nieces And Nephews’ Lives

I'm sure the first people we turn to when we need someone to look after our kids are our parents or friends. Maybe even a nanny. Their aunts rarely cross our minds. Aunts don't mind when kids kick and fuss. They're so important in the lives of your children, and with their help, you can be sure that your kids have all the guidance and care that they need.

Here's why kids need their aunts in their lives:

Aunts readily help with homework

No matter how busy she is, an aunt always has some spare time to solve some Math problems or go through a topic with her nephew or niece. She patiently takes them through and answers all their questions. She makes homework more fun than it really is most times.

They're better listeners

Kids don't always find it easy to talk to their parents about some things. They prefer their cooler aunt who doesn't judge and offers better advice without judgment. She's there for them any time they need her, and she's a good listener who keeps the discussion to herself unless the child would like her to speak to their parents on their behalf.

They can teach the kids too

Aunts are second moms to their nieces and nephews. Whether it's letters, life skills, coloring, reading, or writing, she's got so much to teach them. There's no need to waste your money on a tutor when there's one who's a member of the family, who'll gladly do it at no cost.

Their method of correction is more gentle

Kids will be kids. Even if they're perfect little angels, they'll misbehave at some point or another. Sorry, let me correct that. They'll be on their worst behavior almost all of the time. Unlike parents, aunts aren't too quick to ground or spank. They'll sit with the children and use softer methods to correct them. Sometimes, they don't punish them for misbehaving at all. It's no wonder kids are so comfortable around them.

Spoiling is their middle name

Aunts go the extra mile to put a smile on their nephews' and nieces' faces. They love them as if they were their own children. Whether it's buying them more candy than they should eat, letting them watch as much TV as they want, or giving them money to buy whatever they want, they're pros at winning the kids' hearts. Saying no to the adorable little ones isn't easy for them.

They're good at reading emotions

Most parents don't notice when their child is hurting or is angry. Here's where aunts come in handy; They know when something's up with their nieces and nephews, and do their best to make them feel better. Sure, the kids might try and deny it, but she's got skills that always bring results every time she uses them.

Aunts can teach their nieces and nephews some values

You've got to hand it to aunts. When you as a mum are busy, they step in and help their nieces and nephews know what's right and wrong. They're more effective since they don't deal with the kids as often as their parents do, so the kids feel freer around them.