Audience Left Horrified After Watching Brutal Horror Flick Tusk, Dubbed 'Worse Than The Human Centipede'

The 2014 horror flick "Tusk" has gained notoriety for its unsettling surgical experiments and disturbing motif centered around morphing humans into walruses. Those who watched, among them TikToker Heidi Wong, were profoundly impacted by the unsettling material.

If you're aiming to feel queasy tonight, the obscure 2014 horror film "Tusk" could be the perfect pick for you.

Drawing comparisons in terms of brutality to "The Human Centipede," this gruesome movie also features chilling surgical experiments.

Upon its 2009 release, "The Human Centipede" left audiences shocked with its portrayal of sadistic bodily transformations driven by a surgeon's psychotic fetish.

However, "Tusk" takes the repugnant human-to-animal transformation to a whole new level of intensity.

At its core, the narrative revolves around a podcaster (portrayed by Justin Long) who embarks on a journey to meet a recluse, unaware that the recluse harbors a pathological obsession with walruses.

You might have a pretty good idea of what unfolds next, but if you're aiming to dodge any potential spoilers, it's a good time to halt your reading.

Following the film, numerous individuals were left "genuinely traumatized."

Utilizing TikTok as her platform, Heidi Wong, a TikToker, took to discussing the movie, labeling it as the most dreadful horror flick she had ever laid eyes on.

She expressed the idea after making several films discussing her opinions about Tusk: "Out of all the horror movies that I've seen, this one gets to me the most."

"Tusk is about a podcaster who meets a crazy man who wants to turn him into a walrus, as in surgically turn him from a human to a walrus."

"This movie was worse than The Human Centipede to me."

In another video, the TikToker continued to delve into the conclusion of the movie, highlighting its peculiar and unusual nature.

She described a video of herself contemplating it as follows: "Me watching a guy who was forced to be surgically turned into a walrus finally escape, only for his friends to put him in a zoo to live the rest of his life as an actual walrus."

Users were eager to acknowledge how deeply the film moved them in the comments, with one writing: "Please don't remind me of the movie Tusk, I'm traumatized from watching it".

Another wrote: "I dreamt about that damn walrus for weeks!"

Some people even reached a stage where they couldn't find joy in the animal anymore, as one person remarked: "After knowing about this movie and seeing clips I can never see walruses the same anymore".

However, if you believed you had managed to steer clear of this peculiar film, you'd be mistaken. In 2022, Justin Long disclosed to Slash Film that Kevin Smith had reached out to him regarding the prospect of crafting a sequel.

For now, let's cross our fingers that it's safely tucked away in a storage unit.

Whether the storage unit stays securely sealed or ominously creaks open to unveil fresh horrors, the undeniable legacy of "Tusk" lies in its profoundly disturbing exploration of the human body and psyche.

In an ever-evolving cinematic realm, while our shared craving for the unsettling and the unconventional endures, "Tusk" serves as a testament to the potent, boundary-pushing force of horror. It showcases the genre's capacity to permeate our thoughts, infiltrate our dreams, and tap into our deepest fears.