Attractive People Reveal The Ups And Downs Of Being Beautiful, And It’s Hard To Say If They’re Lucky

Many of us tend to believe attractive people always have it easy. Though sometimes it might be the case, studies have shown that beauty is hardly heaven on earth. Some good-looking people will even see it more as a curse than a blessing to them.

Here’re ups and downs of being Attractive.

1. Persons of the same gender will like to discredit their beautiful counterparts, and sometimes they do succeed.

A study has shown that people will feel threatened by beauty, especially when they encounter someone more beautiful than them. They’ll even try to weigh them down due to fears and jealousy.

For instance, if an attractive person tries to secure a job through a job interview, they’re likely not to be awarded the position as the interviewer might feel threatened.

Workmates will also have the tendency of gossiping and talking behind attractive people’s backs. This’s because they know they can’t take their beauty away, and the only way to discredit the colleagues is gossiping bad things about them.

A beautiful person will feel judged by the public. They may even feel like they’re being pushed away by others, perhaps, due to fear of competition.

2. People will always have high expectation on you.

Also called Halo Effects, people will tend to link every positive feature to beauty.

And as an attractive person, many will associate you not only with positive features but also positive results. So, if you’re good looking, society might expect you to have a successful job, maintain a loving family or have a comfortable life.

Also, if an attractive person fails to fulfill a particular duty, people will start judging them. Some individuals even believe that everything nasty that happens to a good-looking person, it due to their own faults.

3. Attractive people are smarter than others, although some people may consider them dumb.

Individuals who’re good looking are known to be a bit smarter than those who are not, according to a study. The research discovered that intelligence is linked to fit and proportional bodies.

But beautiful people struggle with the stereotype. Because some people believe, since they’re attractive, they must be stupid.

For instance, some of your friends might describe you as too pretty to be smart. And when you try to prove to them that you’re sharp minded, they wouldn’t accept it.

Also, according to a study, many folks believe beautiful people aren’t allowed to be kind, intelligent, attractive, and self-sufficient all at the same time.

4. Some people believe being attractive, funny, and trustworthy go hand in hand.

Due to Hallo Effects, despite your age, many people will tend to believe that if you’re gorgeous, it also means you’re honest, funny, kind, and reliable.

Some good-looking individuals have even confessed that people tend to act nicer towards them. It’s also surprising how beautiful peoples attracts children, and most kids will feel comfortable around them.

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5. Attractive people are persuasive even when they aren’t trying to.

Being attractive will give you self-confidence. This’ll give you an inner power to persuade others and influence their decision even without forcing them

For instance, when a recruiter interviews a person of the opposite sex for a job, they’re likely to hire someone attractive. The beauty of the interviewee will influence your decision.

Also, even when a cute person isn’t trying to persuade you to do something for them, you’ll find yourself being driven to do it. And on most occasions, a beautiful individual will always get what they want.

In some instances, gorgeous people are likely to get away with something. For example, passing exams, getting into clubs for free, or even getting out of parking fines.

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6. It’s hard for a good-looking person to determine if someone truly loves them or is just fooling around.

An attractive person will always doubt the intention of their potential lovers, especially at the early stage of their relationship. They aren’t sure if their significant partners love them or are just attracted to their good looks.

That’s why beautiful people tend to complain of not finding a perfect soulmate who understands them. They’ll doubt if
a guy is interested in them or is just looking for a trophy girlfriend.

7. Beautiful people get too much unwanted attention which can be intimidating, tiring, or even dangerous.

That smile from a handsome guy was okay. But after sometimes, being in the spotlight will make them feel awkward, uncomfortable, and it can even lower their self-confidence.

They’ll feel insecure due to hyper-focused attention on their good looks. They can even feel like they’ve nowhere to hide.

Also, attractive people can get creepy looks from strangers. This makes them cautions of the places they plan to go to.