Attention, Guys: Here Is How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

Men often miss the subtle signs that a woman likes them, as these signals are not as obvious as hair flipping and eye batting. Women may think that their emotions are apparent, but they are often too subtle for men to detect. To determine if a girl likes you, look for these signs.

1. She spends an hour thinking up a reply to your text

It's unlikely that she's purposely waiting an hour to text you back as a way of playing hard to get. Rather, it may take her that long to craft a witty, yet effortless-looking response that appears flirtatious. It's possible that her friends are also contributing to the decision-making process, so it's important to be patient and understanding.

2. She stalks everyone you know

Obviously, this is not to be taken literally. If a girl is interested in you, she won't simply browse your Facebook and Instagram profiles. She'll also investigate your male friends' pages to gain insight into the kind of people you surround yourself with. Additionally, if there are any females in your photos, she may also examine their profiles thoroughly.

3. She uses the word "we" a lot

If during your conversation, she begins to refer to the both of you as "we" instead of just talking about herself, it's a strong indication that she perceives the two of you as a team or is interested in forming one with you.

4. She dresses up when she knows she might see you

Even if she knows she will only catch a glimpse of you while walking across campus, she may still spend extra time getting ready in the morning. This way, you won't suspect that she's doing it to impress you. Instead, you'll assume that she's always impeccably dressed because she's naturally stylish and attractive.

5. She just won't stop fidgeting

Although it may seem like an irritating habit, if a girl can't stop touching her hair, bouncing her foot, or tapping her nails on the table, these actions can actually be good indicators that she likes you. According to marriage and relationships therapist Dr. Nikki Martinez, "Women exhibit intentional and unintentional behaviors when they are interested in someone. Some of these signs include blushing, hair tossing, lip biting or licking, hand wringing, and a decrease in personal space boundaries. Often, they are unaware they are displaying these signs, which is the best indicator of all as they cannot control themselves around you."

6. She makes the date seem like your idea

To avoid revealing her feelings before knowing yours, she may try to coax you into asking her out. For instance, she may mention a movie she's been wanting to watch or casually bring up having the house to herself over the weekend. Although you may believe that you initiated the date, in reality, she had subtly encouraged it to happen.

7. She makes fun of your silly jokes

Contrary to the rumor that girls giggle at everything their crush says, even if it's not funny, the reality is quite different. In fact, many women with crushes may poke fun at you for making mistakes. It's often easier for them to tease you than to admit that they have feelings for you.

More Ways To Tell If A Girl Likes You

1. She smiles a lot but then looks away

While avoiding eye contact is typically viewed negatively in relationships, a girl's behavior may be indicating that she likes you if she flashes a dazzling smile beforehand. According to Dr. Dawn Michael, a clinical sexologist and author, a girl may smile, look away, or even laugh more with her friends or the person she's speaking to, which could make her seem more approachable.

2. She tells everyone about you

It's common to be the last to find out that a girl has a crush on you. This is because she is likely to talk to her friends, family members, and even strangers on the internet about you before confiding in you. She may seek advice from these people before revealing her feelings to you.

3. She stays up all night just to talk to you

If a girl falls asleep while texting you, don't panic or feel like she's leaving you hanging. In fact, it can be a positive sign as it suggests that she was enjoying the conversation and didn't want it to end. The only thing that interrupted her was sleep, which means that you had her full attention up until that point.

4. She replays your conversations in her head

Receiving a woman's outburst about something you did three days ago can be a good thing. It might indicate that she has strong feelings for you and has been thinking about your interactions and conversations so much that it led to her outburst.

5. She pulls you into her personal space

To determine if a girl likes you, observe how physically close she gets to you when you're together. According to Martinez, a relationship expert, if someone is inside our personal space, it could indicate that they want our attention and desire to be near us. This is especially true if the girl makes an effort to touch you frequently, whether it's a brush of the hand, frequent hugs, or any other form of physical contact. It's a clear sign that she's interested and attracted to you, even without verbalizing it.

6. She daydreams about your first kiss

It's important to make every first kiss with a woman special because you never know how long she's been anticipating that moment. She may have daydreamed about it repeatedly, so it's crucial to make the wait worth it for her.

7. She actually makes a move instead of waiting for you

Some women won't wait around for their crush to make a move; instead, they will take the initiative themselves. These women don't worry about the possibility of rejection because they believe it's better to ask someone out than to waste time wondering if the feeling is mutual.

How To Get A Girl To Like You

If you've recognized the signs that a woman is interested in you, you might be wondering how you can further improve your chances with her. While there's no guaranteed formula for winning someone over, there are some steps you can take to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

1. Be someone she can trust

If a woman is seeking a relationship, it's likely that she'll desire a dependable and trustworthy partner who won't betray her. She may have experienced past hurt and may not want to expose herself to such situations again. Suzanne Degges-White, a licensed counselor, affirms that trust and trustworthiness facilitate the growth of relationships.

2. Be a man of your word

It's essential to follow through on your promises, such as calling her later or hanging out on Saturday night if you've committed to it. Avoid canceling last minute because you're engrossed in a game or retracting your interest in a relationship, which can reflect poorly on you.

3. Open up and be willing to be vulnerable

If you perceive that a girl likes you, or you desire her to, it's crucial to open up emotionally. Although this might be challenging, it's worthwhile, especially if you envision a future with her. Take the risk of revealing the deeper aspects of yourself, allowing her to genuinely understand you. Otherwise, how can she develop genuine affection for you?

4. Be confident

While everyone has insecurities, the saying "fake it 'til you make it" applies to men as well. When approaching a woman, it's essential to feel confident in your emotions and believe that you're deserving of her. Women are drawn to confident men, and who wouldn't be?

5. Be consistent

Avoid playing hot and cold with her unless you intend to lose her interest before things even begin. If you sense that a girl likes you, don't manipulate her feelings for entertainment or due to personal disorganization. Demonstrate your feelings for her consistently, becoming a reliable and trustworthy individual she can rely on.

6. Listen to her

A guy who talks over a woman and mansplains everything is the worst. To win a girl over, it's often as simple as actively listening to her and absorbing what she's saying. She may not be seeking advice or a solution from you. She just wants a sounding board, someone to hear her out.

7. Know how to make her laugh

As they say, "laughter is the best medicine." Making her smile even on her most challenging days is a surefire way to earn a place in her good graces.

8. Treat her with respect

Women don't appreciate being talked down to or disrespected. To win her over, you should respect her boundaries and be attentive to her emotions and thoughts. Failing to do so will hinder your progress with her. According to Degges-White, "If a person feels disrespected or patronized, the relationship is bound to end sooner rather than later."