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Atheist Claims To Have Seen Hitler In Hell And Jesus After Death Experience

Brian Melvin claimed that after being declared "dead" from cholera and being taken into a "black void," he had an encounter with Jesus Christ who sent him to Hell as an atheist at the time. According to Melvin, he saw Adolf Hitler in Hell.

Bryan Melvin, who was previously an atheist, had a near-death experience where he claims to have encountered Jesus Christ and seen Adolf Hitler burning in hell upon his return to life.

According to Melvin, he had consumed contaminated water and was declared "dead" from cholera.

He described feeling like he was being shot through a "black void" before experiencing an out-of-body sensation, flying above his own body towards the ceiling, and then ascending to a light source where he heard "beautiful, profound music."

"I ended up face to face with none other than Jesus Christ, who told me I didn't deserve heaven and instead sent me down to hell," Melvin said.

Upon reaching hell, he was met with a putrid smell and an intense heat, and everything around him appeared lifeless and dead.

He saw the one person who he believed, if hell existed, would undoubtedly be suffering - Adolf Hitler.

Upon his arrival in hell, Melvin claims that he was greeted by people he recognized, but they "would change and morph into another person with alligator eyes."

According to Bryan's account, he saw Adolf Hitler in hell after encountering the "hellish creatures". As expected, Hitler was suffering a severe punishment for all the evil deeds he had committed.

"The individual that I saw was Adolf Hitler. He was inside of a fiery furnace, like Auschwitz where they would put the bodies and burn them," he said.

"He was going through what every single victim went through, from their arrest, from their arrival, from their strip down to where they were gassed."

"Every single one and every single thing, man, woman, and child. That is what I saw. He wasn't reformed. He was getting crazier."

Bryan asserted that he had a complete transformation to Christianity after his return to life.

Many individuals assert that they have witnessed hell after surviving a near-death experience or being medically declared dead.

According to a priest who briefly died and then revived, demons in hell sing Rihanna songs to torment the souls of those who are there.

In another account, a person who had been given a clean bill of health by their physician claimed to have had a near encounter with the devil, went down to hell, begged for salvation, and was ultimately saved by an angel.

Some people are not convinced that the experiences described by others are proof of an afterlife, as some argue that the concept of hell was created by the church to manipulate people.

On the other hand, William Reville, an emeritus professor of biochemistry, believes that the intense visualizations people experience during near-death experiences can be explained scientifically, rather than supernaturally.

He suggests people seeing light at the end of a tunnel may simply be "reflecting oxygen levels falling in the retina."