At The End Every Man Regrets Losing The Woman Who Waited For Him To Get His Shit Together

A woman who genuinely cares about you and loves you will give you so many chances before she is done trying. Do everything you can to get your shit together before she realizes that her life would be much better without you!

When a woman falls in love, it is not with the perfect man. She does not go looking for a gift waiting to be unwrapped. She goes for a man trying to develop himself. She acknowledges that it will be a lot of work, but falls in love with you just because she sees potential. She sees what kind of man you can be if you only tried harder and offered to be there to help you grow into a better person.

A woman will love you unconditionally. She will be by your side through thick and thin, but you choose to take advantage of that like most men. Most women have so much patience and believe deep down that the man will change. They invest their time, money, emotions, and sanity trying to help you and bring you to the right path.

Often, this doesn’t end well. She is left broken and on the verge of falling apart. When a man keeps screwing up chance after chance, she will leave and never look back. This is because when a woman is done, she is done. At this point, nothing the man does will convince her to come back. She tried her best to stay, but she has had enough! She realizes that she should not waste any more time on you because you do not deserve her. You do not deserve her tears!

As most men do, you will opt to move on. The truth is, every other woman you meet will never live up to her. The women will never be anything close to what you did not appreciate. They will love you at your best. When things aren’t great, they will leave because none will love you enough to stay.

You will then wake up and realize that she is gone forever. That she chose to be with someone who chose to be with her too. Someone who chose to love her back, something you never did. You might even cross paths in the future, but it won’t matter to her. She will not take notice of you, as she is too happy with her love at the time.

All you will be left with is to be grateful to this woman who believed in you when no one else did. The woman who noticed you when you were invisible. You will have to live with the regrets of losing her because she was and still is an important part of your life. You will have regrets that you did not change when you could and that you did not mature when you had the chance. You will regret not doing your best when she focused on you.

At this time you will realize what you had and what you lost. She was one of a kind, but you let her go!