At Least 6 Dead In Colorado Grocery Store Shooting

at least 6 dead in colorado grocery store shooting

On Monday afternoon, a gunman raided a Colorado grocery store and opened fire. The gunshots resulted in the deaths of at least 6 people.

The gunman first opened fire in the parking lot before getting into the store.

At the time the incident happened, details were not forthcoming about what was going on.

Once the shooting frenzy began, shoppers and staff at King Soopers fled for their lives, with many leaving through the delivery area at the back of the store.


Police got there as soon as they could, and the gunman turned his gun on them.

Later, several sources confirmed that at least 6 people had succumbed to gunshot injuries.

Before the late afternoon, the police had cleared the store. Their focus was now on an apartment around a mile from the grocery store.

They were engaged with a man they believed to be the suspect in the shooting.


However, the details kept changing constantly.

The police had informed the residents of the area about taking shelter. However, later reports suggested that the location may not be associated with the shooting.

A bearded man was led in handcuffs away from the crime scene and put in an ambulance based on a local television broadcast. He wore shorts and no shirt, and it was not clear if he was a suspect.



When the shooting began in the store, Andrew Hummel was inside. At first, he heard a loud bang and then multiple gunshots.

Hummel's roommate works at the grocery store, and he sent Hummel terrifying text messages. In one of the messages, he said, "I love you guys. Thank you for everything in case things go bad."

Hummel said this was one of the biggest scary texts he sent him, and it was especially hard in consideration of the situation he was in at the time:


"That was something I would never want to hear from any of my friends. Because I knew the seriousness of what was going on. It was horrifying. It was truly horrifying."

According to another witness, who was waiting in line for the COVID-19 vaccine at the pharmacy with his daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren, a woman in front of them was shot as they watched. After that horror, they got in a closet and hid there for an hour before leaving.


Another witness spoke to the media about hearing what they initially assumed were fireworks before spotting a man in tactical gear holding an AR-15-style weapon. After that, he ran into the grocery store and informed the people about a possible shooter before leaving quickly through the delivery door.

A YouTuber was live streaming from the scene, and someone could be seen in the parking lot lying down. Another person could also be seen on the floor inside the store.


In addition, most of the store's front windows were also broken.