Astro: What Your Venus Sign Says About Your Style

Astro: What your Venus sign says about your style

Astrology is fun and definitely a conversation starter. But, after a while of talking about your Sun and rising signs, you need to move on to more advanced topics.

Do you know what sign your Venus occupies? If not, you can find out easily. A simple google search will present you with a calculator - it only takes a few seconds.

Venus is the planet of courtship, art, pleasure, and hedonism. But, did you know it can also give you style advice?

So let's start!

Venus In Aries

astro: what your venus sign says about your style

In a woman's chart, Venus in Aries signifies a lovely individual, so congrats!

Style-wise, you don't let the clothes wear you and will never be a fashion victim. Venus (style) is only here to serve you, not the other way around.

Celebrities: Just imagine: Both Marylin Monroe and Audrey Hepburn had this combo

Venus In Taurus

astro: what your venus sign says about your style

If this is your combination, we expect you'd be very interested in creatively exploring your style. For you, fashion is an exploration of art and storytelling in a way - nonetheless, the result is whimsical and unique!

It can be a little kemp at times, but fashion really is an art form for you!


Celebrities: Johnny Depp and Lana Del Rey

Venus In Gemini

astro: what your venus sign says about your style

Now, here is a Venus that, in essence, doesn't care so much about fashion as much as it craves functionality. Their style is more influenced by their ideas, and that's the sign most likely to wear a band t-shirt in high school.

Simple, to the point, never tacky and wise when choosing clothes. Sometimes they become accidental fashion icons because changing the world is more important than clothes.

Celebrities: Elon Musk, Bob Dylan

Venus In Cancer

astro: what your venus sign says about your style

Dreamy, romantic, and endlessly charming - these individuals stand out with their style.

They like to explore looks and trends; if you are someone with Venus in Cancer, we are sure you went through endless look phases.

Celebrities: Angelina Jolie, Olsen Twins, Stevie Nicks

Venus In Leo

astro: what your venus sign says about your style

While this is a Venus placement that might produce a style that is a little bit out there; nevertheless, it also speaks of luxury, refinement, and plush.

Unlike any other, a very seductive Venus that loves to stand out, wear expensive clothes, turn heads, and make an impression. In conclusion, your song is "Unforgettable," and your life motto is "It is better to be looked over than overlooked."

Celebrities: Amy Winehouse, Dita Von Teese, Coco Chanel

Venus In Virgo

astro: what your venus sign says about your style

This can be a very, very classy Venus placement. Never too loud (unless mixed with a Libra Sun), very clean, very creative. Every outfit is a novel in itself.

Additionally, this is a Venus that is self-critical - so they will think twice about what they're wearing and always try to be both appropriate and unique.

Celebrities: Alexa Chung, Cara Delevingne, Ingrid Bergman

Venus In Libra

astro: what your venus sign says about your style

A very artsy Venus! Are you working in the creative field? You should definitely use that potential - at least in your outfits.

A sign of creative genius, this placement requires you to explore different looks, but ultimately art is more important than fashion to you.


Your style is just a wonderful consequence of your creativity.

Celebrities: Pablo Picasso, Grace Kelly

Venus In Scorpio

astro: what your venus sign says about your style

Another creative but also sensual placement. If you have Venus in Scorpio, sexy looks are your thing, but you usually successfully avoid looking trashy.

Maybe not in your younger years, but the older you get, the more beautiful and put-together your looks get as well. You will probably develop a beautiful, soft look.

Celebrities: Nicole Richie, Carla Bruni

Venus In Sagittarius

astro: what your venus sign says about your style

You don't want to go unnoticed. Loud colors, wild looks, sexy outfits - all in your lane.

You like to express your individuality through looks and outfits. Love without limits and express yourself without limits - rules to live by.

Celebrities: Katy Perry, Vanessa Paradis

Venus In Capricorn

astro: what your venus sign says about your style

Most people don't hear the Capricorn and exclaim "fashion icon." They are wrong. Unlike any other sign, they know how to really mix functionality, comfort, and quality.

Admittedly, Capricorns won't obsess over this winter's trends, but that itself is their charm. Because of their cool-headedness and devil may care attitude, they create clean, often architectural looks. Think of Steve Jobs and his black turtle neck - a clean, accidental fashion mark.

Celebrities: Brad Pitt, Steve Jobs, James Dean

Venus In Aquarius

astro: what your venus sign says about your style

Undoubtedly, one of the most fashionable placements!

Firstly, this placement chooses the trendiest pieces with their gut feeling. Secondly, Aquarius is always a little avant-garde and futuristic. This is a placement of a true trendsetter.

Celebrities: Kate Moss, Taylor Swift, Sharon Tate

Venus In Pisces

astro: what your venus sign says about your style

Dreamy, poetic - Venus in Pisces is all for romance and feminine energy. This is a placement that doesn't necessarily plan outfits. If this is your placement, you probably choose looks based solely on mood, and you probably have a very messy closet.

You probably choose your look for the day barely awake. Nevertheless, somehow you always end up looking fantastic!

Celebrities: Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson