Asia Doll (iamasiadoll) Picture, Dating, Birthday, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography

Asia Doll (iamasiadoll) Picture, Dating, Birthday, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography

Asia Doll is an Instagram model and content creator from the United States. Her Instagram is iamasiadoll.

Why Is Asia Doll Famous?

Asia Doll has amassed an impressive following on social media platsforms thanks to her eye-catching appearance and attractive dance videos. She is best known for her cosplay content, makeup skills, and curvaceous figure.

Her fanbase is smitten with her charming smile, beautiful flowing hair, and impressive assets. Her youthful appearance and interesting outfits have won her many devoted fans . She is the dream girl for many.

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United States

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Hair Color


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Tattoos And Piercings

Asia has several tattoos covering her arm and her thigh. She even got her hands tattooed since she likes the style so much.

Plastic Surgeries

Breast augmentation


She has not shared any information about her family.


She loves to dress up in different outfits and dance. She has cosplayed as Hinata Hyuga from Naruto and Kitana from the Mortal Kombat fighting game.

Who Is Asia Doll Dating?

She has not shared any information about her dating life.

Asia Doll Dating History


Asia Doll Social Media

Her first post dates back to 2016.

Asia began her Instagram journey by sharing sizzling modeling photos dressed in swimwear and revealing outfits. Now, she mostly posts videos on her social media platforms as that seems to be her preferred way of reaching out to her followers.

She posts dance and lip-syncing videos as well as short skits. She is a very photogenic girl and her videos and photos are always in high quality.

To enjoy her explicit content, the stunning model is active on OF.

About Asia Doll

Asia describes herself as an "adventurous girl with a heart as big as her breasts." She wishes for her followers to join her while exploring new worlds together.

It is clear that Asia loves to be in front of the camera and enjoys all the attention she gets. According to her OF profile she is obsessed with maintaining her curvy figure and she is also quite curious and adventurous when it comes to exploring her desires.

She is based in Florida where she loves to spend time at the beach.