As You Tone And Shape Your Body, Don't Forget Your Character

As You Tone And Shape Your Body, Don’t Forget Your Character

If you are not careful, the pressures of everyday life can make your time here on earth a living hell. Honestly, there are far too many emotional and social demands on us.

Something as basic as taking care of a family or going to work every day can make you fall apart.

Luckily, it rarely gets this bad. What's more likely to happen is that your relationships will suffer.

You begin put on an act as you interact with people. In the process, you lose touch with yourself.

But some people completely rise above all this and remain true to who they are.

That's right, genuine people still exist. And if you are lucky to be one, here are some things you will notice about yourself.

1. You Mean What You Say

Fake people say things that will impress their audiences, even when such things are obviously untrue. Genuine people say something because they mean it.

As a genuine person, you understand that you will not always agree with everyone. But even then, you remain respectful and kind to everyone.

2. You Are Respectful Of All

Fake people are very selective about who they show their respect to. Genuine people respect people whether or not they are worthy of it.

Fake people prefer to save their respect for those they feel "deserve it." But as a genuine person, you give people respect without first judging the person.

3. You Are Responsible

Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. Fake people have a problem taking responsibility for things that will make them less likable.

As a genuine person, you will take responsibility for your actions even if they make you look bad. Furthermore, when things go bad and it's your fault, as a genuine person, you try to make things better.

4. It's Okay If People Don't Like You

Despite our best intentions, we cannot like everyone we meet. And obviously, not every soul you meet will be drawn to you.

If you are a genuine person, you will accept this truth without issues. You respect the fact that people might judge you, have different opinions, or disagree with you on fundamental issues.

5. You Are Faithful In Your Commitments

Fake people are notorious for failing to honor their commitments. Genuine people follow through on their promises and ensure they deliver as expected.

Even if something happens and you cannot honor your promises, you often have a good reason for your inability to meet your commitment.

6. You're Altruistic

When you realize someone needs your help, you have no problem giving them a hand. You have no problem volunteering or just helping out where you can.

In general, you like it when you see other people having a better life, even if that comes at no benefit to you.

7. You Have Integrity And Good Morals

A genuine person will not easily compromise their character to please anyone. Even if you stand to benefit from an unethical decision that might not even have any serious consequences for you, you would rather stand for what you believe is right.

8. For You, It's Never About Recognition

Yes, you work hard to get what you want. However, while that might get your attention, fame is not what you seek. You do things based on the goals you have in life and the satisfaction you know your actions will bring you in the end.

A genuine person has nothing to prove to anyone but themselves. A genuine person will also respect other people and will not resort to manipulation to get their way with other people. If you are a genuine person, then you are one of the lucky few good people still left in this world. Don't lose this trait. It's worth its weight in gold.