As A Single Woman, My New Goal Is Happiness, Not Getting Married

When you're single, you may tend to feel that you will only find your everlasting happiness after you get married. I used to believe in the same notion once.

As I'm growing older, I'm learning that I'm the only person who can control my happiness. That I'm the one responsible for the joys in my life. I've decided to concentrate on the things that make me happy instead of fantasizing about marriage.

1. I Don't Want To Give Up Spending Quality Time With Friends

I value my best friends. They help me in discovering the best version of myself. They're my cheerleaders, and they play a significant role in my overall happiness.

Instead of seeking a romantic relationship I might not achieve, I prefer cherishing the besties I already have. They've been with me even through my toughest moments in life.

2. I Want To Advance My Career

My professional goals and success give me joy. I feel proud of myself whenever I achieve something great in my career.

Society can view women's professional goals as a hindrance to getting married, bearing children, and settling down. But for me, I don't want these things just now. Maybe later but not now. My success is crucial to me because it makes me happy. It's worth every minute of my energy and time.

3. Traveling The World Is My Passion

I love exploring the world, and I've many cities and countries I want to visit. Travels help me grow through new experiences, learning new things helps emotionally and spiritually. It also helps me escape the dramas of the real world.

4. I Have The Freedom Of Dating Around

Since I'm not committed to someone, I'm able to enjoy everything dating has to offer. I can go out on multiple dates at once, and it makes me happy. I'm not a user or player. I only want the freedom to be with whoever I like and whenever I want.

5. Bonding With My Family Is Important To Me

I can't imagine unable to attend my favorite family dinners just to stay with my husband. My family means much to me, and I have all the spare time to spend with them.

6. I Love Spending Time Alone

It might sound weird to you but being alone is one of my top list goals. When I'm alone, I get time for self-rejuvenation. Whether it's reading a novel or watching my favorite TV show, I find peace and happiness in spending time with myself.

7. I Love Carefree Approach To Love And Relationship

Why would someone risk her all if she knows a relationship might not work in the end? Although I don't advocate recklessness, it's beautiful and healthy to live it in the moment and according to facts. Enjoy every life season you're in. Being single has no pressure.

8. Self-Sufficiency Is My Great Goal

I like depending on myself in running my daily life. It gives me joy. It's a satisfying feeling to know I'm my own provider and caretaker.

Self-reliance boosts my confidence in all areas of my life. No task seems difficult for me not to try. It's an impressive attitude that I intend to keep even if I'm in a relationship.

9. I Like Making My Own Choices

There's nothing more fulfilling than making my decisions and following them without worrying about how they affect someone else. I don't need a consultation about my life choices. I love managing my life, and it gives me a feeling of satisfaction I'm not ready to let go of.

10. Getting Married Won't Automatically Give You Happiness

After your wedding and honeymoon are over, maintaining a happy couple requires effort and sacrifices. This is why I prefer being single. I can focus on things that bring me happiness. Anything else is a bonus to an already-achieved wonderful life.