I know the world has given us plenty to worry about with everything going on regarding environmental degradation. Watching the news is almost always depressing.

We have fires, floods, oceans hidden beneath tonnes of plastic, and cities so full of dangerous gases they make smoking look like a healthy cleanse.

But then you hear a story like Amarildo Silva’s and your day changes for the better.

This Brazilian artist is proving that humanity is not a lost cause after all. He is putting his artistic skills to good use by choosing to give animals a comfortable home by making them beds using discarded used tires.

Image credits: Amarildo Silva

While people out there are adding to the already crippling environmental damage our planet is suffering from by throwing away used tires and other trash, Amarildo is taking these tires and cutting them up to make amazing beds for our furry friends, the cats and dogs.

He goes all out and decorates the beds also, which makes them super cute and adorable.

How Did This Begin?

A couple of years back, Amarildo wanted a way to make some extra cash using the trash people were throwing in the streets in his locality. That’s a noble dream right there.  

Also, making handcrafted items has always been his fascination since he was little. He has always had a passion for turning the things people considered useless into something useful.

This, he had come to realize, was an amazing way to improve the neighborhood and also make some extra cash for himself.

So, This Was A Sweet Deal; Good For The Environment And Also His Pocket.

All he needed was an idea that would make this happen.

Then he noticed that street dogs were using old tires as a place to live while on the streets.

It wasn’t the most comfortable way for these animals to sleep, but it was still the best option they had.

And so he thought, why not make these beds more comfortable for these animals?

Just like that, the artist had found a mission.

He began by collecting old tires from the streets and taking them to his home. He piled them up in his backyard. He even dedicated one room in his place to the tires.

Image credits: Amarildo Silva

He Would Cut The Tires, Wash Them And Paint Them.

Being an artist, he also enjoys drawing unique designs on each of these tires, and also writes the name of the animal that will call the tire its bed.

By doing this, the artist is able to indulge two things he truly loves-helping animals and recycling used and forgotten items.

His greatest hope, unsurprisingly, is that the project will result in a more sustainable world. He also hopes that his efforts will inspire people to be more conscious about our environment to reduce the impact of environmental abuse in the future.

Image credits: Amarildo Silva

What are your thoughts on these beds? 

If you are most people, or the lucky pets who get a chance to spend their time on these amazing beds, then you absolutely love Amarildo’s amazing work. Who wouldn’t?  

Image credits: Amarildo Silva
Image credits: Amarildo Silva
Image credits: Amarildo Silva