Artist Creates Trippy Bike Helmets That Look Like Human Heads

Artist Creates Trippy Bike Helmets That Look Like Human Heads

Bored of the same old bike helmets you see everywhere? We might have found just the thing for you!

If you're addicted to riding bikes and motorcycles, and you're tired of the boring, traditional bike helmets, the Dubai-based digital artist and retoucher Jyo John Mulloor created a line of quirky bike helmets that will definitely add some flavor to your ride.

artist creates trippy bike helmets that look like human heads

These new helmets look just like your head. They seem to have an uncanny quality to them: it almost looks like a human scalp had been applied to their surface.

No one would doubt they're really your actual head when you ride down the street! But maybe that's just at first glance. If you look closer, you'll notice they're actually helmets, and this when people get blown away and you immediately become the highlight of everyone's trip.


So, if you're a biker, and you're looking to turn heads wherever you go, then look no further. These eye-catching helmets will definitely spice up your ride.

And the good news is, the helmets are totally customizable, meaning that you could get a picture of your own head printed on your personal helmet so that they match you. Pretty cool, right?

The bad news, however, is that these helmets aren't available for purchase yet. And they're likely never to be.


These helmets, still in their design phase, were designed as a means to protect motorists by drawing the attention of other drivers.

As of now, only digital designs of the helmets have been created. The designer made them by combining pictures of human heads with pictures of regular helmets.

Although they're still only in the design phase, there's no doubt those things will be sold out as soon as they're available for purchase.


There's no denying the convenience of walking into a sports shop and picking up whatever helmet is there. However, it's nothing like the uniqueness of having a helmet that not only fits your head perfectly but also is your head.

Seriously, who else is going to have a helmet with your head printed on it? (besides that creep that lives down the road that's obsessed with you)

So, let's hope this weird invention of Mulloor's is available for purchase worldwide soon!


At first, Mulloor created those helmets for his own personal reasons.

He has always been passionate about motorcycles, but he hated how uncomfortable traditional helmets were. That is what made him create these new helmets.

"Although the reason behind the design was totally personal, it later turned into a design project that received appreciations from around the globe," Mulloor wrote on his Behance page. "Some manufactures have already shown interest in launching a line of helmets under this design umbrella. I hope to see these designs moving across the streets soon."


Jyo John Mulloor, who's originally from India and now lives in Dubai, has worked with global brands like Haagen Dazs and Nissan. In his portfolio, you can notice his tendency to make a weird, body-horror bordering touch.

These strange helmets are functional, cool, and stylish. What could keep you from getting yours once they're out?