Arnold Schwarzenegger's Zeus Project Is Definitely A Super Bowl Ad

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Zeus Project Is Definitely A Super Bowl Ad

After legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a poster for a project called Zeus, everyone went wild and started imagining that a movie by the same name was coming up soon.

Schwarzenegger has played the role of Hercules, Zeus' son, before. For this reason, people believed that he was had taken up the part of the Greek God of Thunder this time around.


Yes, Schwarzenegger is set to play the role of Zeus, but for a Super Bowl ad, not for a film. The actor has finally confirmed this.

BMW also posted a teaser for the ad online. The teaser has a barista that mispronounces Zeus' name on his coffee order.

Zeus is not happy with this. Here is the teaser.

Schwarzenegger first appeared on the big screen in Hercules in New York in the 1970s. He played the role of Hercules.


The movie was about Hercules being sent down to Earth, where he had a romantic life and a successful bodybuilding career.

This will not be the first time the legendary actor has been in a Super Bowl ad. He has done this twice before.

The first time he was in an ad of this nature was in 2014's Bud Light ad as a pingponger. He then appeared in an ad for the Mobile Strike game in 2017.


This time, he appears in BMW's ad, which talks of "something electric" brewing. Previously, there had only been rumors that the teaser Schwarzenegger gave was about a Super Bowl ad, but that is now settled.

The ad is set to be released on February 13, the same day as the Super Bowl.