Arnold Schwarzenegger Involved In LA Car Crash

Arnold Schwarzenegger Involved In La Car Crash

Former governor of California and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a car crash accident that left one person injured in Los Angeles.

TMZ reported that he had been driving his GMC Yukon SUV when the accident happened. He was about to turn onto Sunset Boulevard when he ran into a red Toyota Prius that allegedly tried to make a U-turn.

The crash was severe enough for airbags to be deployed in both cars. Schwarzenegger's car was reported to start rolling onto a white Porsche Cayenne to its left just after the collision occurred.

Although the 74-year old is unharmed, the driver of the red Prius, a woman, suffered an injury to her head that had her bleeding. It is believed that the injury is not life-threatening.

According to an LAPD statement, she suffered a "head abrasion" and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Schwarzenegger was seen speaking to officers next to his car, and TMZ reports that law enforcement believed he was at fault. He had attempted to turn left while the left-turn arrow was still red.

Schwarzenegger has not been ticketed for the event. His spokesman said that Schwarzenegger is very concerned about the car's driver he collided with and would like to check on her.

One eyewitness described the collision as "crazy... like a stunt in a movie."

Also in Schwarzenegger's car was his close friend, Jake Steinfeld, who also suffered no injuries.

The police released a statement that showed that no arrest had been made regarding the crash. According to the LAPD's statement, "neither alcohol nor drugs are suspected as a factor in this collision."

Images of the crash on social media show that the red Prius is a wreck. The passenger side tire of Schwarzenegger's car was mounted on the front of the Prius while the back of the car was wedged against the Porsche Cayenne.

Head-on collisions are often deadly, and while it is quite unfortunate that one car got wrecked with its driver sustaining some injury, there is reason to be glad that it did not result in worse.