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Arizona Woman Goes Viral For Having Insanely Long Middle Finger

Arizona Woman Goes Viral For Having Insanely Long Middle Finger

A young lady from Arizona has turned into an online sensation due to her incredibly long middle finger.

The teenager has shown off her 5-inch long finger on TikTok, which has gotten a lot of reactions from netizens.

Olivia Mercea is currently 16, and as soon as she shared her long finger online, people had plenty to say about it.

There were a lot of comments from people who had something to say about the unusual quirk.

However, Olivia is not bothered by people who seem freaked out by her unusually long finger. She has dreams of becoming a model.

"Sorry You Had To See It"

Oliva captioned the video, "Sorry you had to see it." In the first clip she shared, she gave the middle finger as she grinned.

At first, it looked like she was using some strange TikTok filter. However, people soon realized that it was her real finger, which drew a lot of reactions.

You Should See Her Toes

According to Olivia, her toes are a lot worse than her insanely long finger. However, she is yet to share a video of her toes.

There must be a lot of people who are wondering what her toes look like now that she has mentioned them.

She Did Not Know That Her Finger Was Overly Long

While talking to the media, Olivia explained that she was unaware there was anything strange about her finger. Also, when she realized she was special, she felt insecure.

Over time, she has overcome her insecurity and can now make fun of her elongated digit.

She realized that her finger was unusually long a few years back. At first, she felt a little concerned, but she now finds the finger pretty funny.

Today, she says it is something "that would always bring out laughs."

She Had No Idea She Would Go Viral

After posting her finger online, Olivia had no idea it would go viral. However, the reaction to her TikTok has been "insane."

She feels that it has been awesome and crazy to have articles written about her finger. Olivia is also hoping to get into modeling. She hopes that people in the industry have seen her TikTok.