Aries In 2019

21 March – 20 April

It’s time for more games and fewer strains. You’re on a cosmic journey to renewed confidence and every move will boost your will to succeed.

Home and Family

You could get into your nesting groove as the year starts. While you usually like your home to be straightforward, functional, and not take too much time to clean and organize, you may get the urge to turn it into a cosy retreat. Intuitively, you know you’ll be breaking new ground in your public life this year, so you need a lovely base you can withdraw to. If you’re looking to move to a new house, June and early August could provide ideal opportunities. Loved ones will also make you proud in June by heeding your advice or following in your footsteps, which pays off for one and all.

Cash and Career

Once you make a decision there’s no stopping you, but hold your horses just for now. Venus and Mars are taking time out in the most thoughtful and laid-back zone of your star chart as the year begins. This can be likened to not passing go in Monopoly, yet you must stop and re-evaluate your strategy. This is wasted time and could prove invaluable. Sit quietly and take stock. Is your energy being spent on the right things? And is there something that sinks your heart rather than excites you? By February the energy of Mars and Venus are more to your liking and both head into your sign, so you should feel your va va voom return in spades. From then on, when you see an opportunity grab it. This sets things up nicely for the rest of the year, with September seeing you get your working life in shape, while in December Saturn moves into your ambitions zone and you could be in line for a top job.

Love and Friendship

Who could possibly resist Aries when they’re all fired up and have that twinkle in their eyes? Not many – including long-term partners and spouses. This will be proven to you several times as the stars line up some highs in love. In October, Jupiter, the planet of more, more, more, enters your zone of passion, while Mars and Venus hang out in your relationship zone – talk about a double whammy of romantic activity. July is another month to get excited about, as Mars is in action again, this time gracing your Astro zone of child-like fun and flirtations with his presence. Attached or single, you’ll have a ball.

Top 3 Tips

  1. Prioritize a love relationship on your terms.
  2. Ditch the wrong job to pursue the right vocation.
  3. Gain some expertise in investing, stocks and shares.

Diary Entries 2019


Let go of a project that’s no longer working and release the bad vibe. Trust your gut instinct on a relationship matter, your gut never lies.


You’re at your best when you radiate passion. Pursue your love quarry, and line up a very naughty Valentine encounter.


You might regret what happens if you rush things this month. Be patient, especially with your heart.


Be a saver, not a spender, and don’t let cash slip through your fingers. Play the boss and always put yourself first.


Try again where you have failed, as second chances prove lucky. A last-minute plan gets the go-ahead and will truly surprise you.


A family celebration or anniversary turns into an unforgettable event. Love blooms at such a happy time.


If you’re out of work, turn to the ones you love for support. If someone close needs you, drop everything.


Love and friendship are linked, but an affair splits loyalty. Act the part, and leave the amateur dramatics to others.


Start a new health or fitness routine and aim for peak condition. You’ll thrive on a routine.


A money gift or bonus brings the freedom you desire. It changes the way you view someone close for the better.


Use your intuition to suss out the person who is working against you. Create a new bond based on trust and loyalty.


Take charge of Christmas organisations at work or at home. It’s time to show you’re a leader.