Ariana Grande Accused Of Asian-Fishing Following Latest Photoshoot

Ariana Grande Accused Of Asian-fishing Following Latest Photoshoot

Ariana Grande's TikTok fans were the first to point out that the star was Asian-fishing in her latest photoshoot.

The term "Asian-fishing" describes using makeup and Photoshop for a person to appear Asian. It is similar to "Black-fishing," a term first used in 2018 by writer Wanna Thompson. Talking to BBC, Thompson explained:

"Black-fishing is when white public figures, influencers, and the like do everything in their power to appear Black."

Grande wears an oversized blazer, a white scarf tied, winged eyeliner, red lipstick, and slicked hairstyle in the photos. The overall look did not impress TikToker, as one person explained:

"I'm not saying that Ariana Grande has moved on from Blackfishing to Asianfishing, but I am saying it took me longer than expected to realise that this is her."


Arinators pls dont come for me. She’s a beautiful, talented, racial chameleon. #blackfishing #asianfishing #arianagrande #KraftMacMeSkip #jesynelson

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The same TikToker added:

"I understand that celebrities will change up their look from time to time. But this is giving change up of phenotype [a racial chameleon]."

Another TikToker pointed out that Ariana looked a bit too much like a K-pop star "considering Ariana Grande is a white woman."


If you still think there’s nothing wrong with what she’s doing you’re part of the problem #arianagrande

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This TikToker added:

"You all need to remember that Ariana Grande is a very famous celebrity, and so the pictures that she puts out are intentional."

Oli London ran to Grande's defense, who made surgical enhancements to appear more like a Korean pop star. The tweet did not go so well, especially singe Ariana Grande never mentioned being transracial.

The questionable photos by Katia Temkin were removed from Ariana's Instagram page.

It is pretty evident that Grande and her team were playing with East Asian stereotypes, as many TikTokers concluded. The Thank You, Next singer is yet to comment on the backlash.