Are You Really Ready For A Relationship?

When we all reach a certain age, we feel like finding a partner, instead of being alone, is the most important thing in the world. While spending our lives with someone is great, we have to ask ourselves if we’re ready to be with someone for the rest of our lives. Ask yourself ‘Do I really know myself well enough to know what will make me happy for the rest of my life?’

How can we ever expect to be happy in life if we don’t even know ourselves? How can we know what it is we want if we don’t know ourselves? It is so easy to jump in and out of bed with someone, but is that all you’re looking for in life? Contrary to most beliefs, it is NOT wrong to be alone. When you are by yourself, you get to experience the freedom of being your true self, without worrying about judgment or your partner not liking certain things about you. You honestly should not settle until you discover who you are, so you can find a life partner who will love the real you.

Take time to laugh, travel, and discover your own interests before worrying about relationships. Spend some nights alone and think about your future. Think about all the things you’ve always wanted to accomplish, and how you want your life to be like. Until you are happy and content alone and with everything about yourself, you should not be in a relationship. When we jump into relationships before we are ready, we tend to accept less than we truly deserve, and we end up hurt in the end.

It’s only when we are finished with our selfish stages in life that we realize we want someone who will make us want to strive to achieve better for them, and someone who wants to do the same for us. Relationships are a blend of two lives together, you have to understand that everything you are, your partner gets, and everything your partner is, you get. Your family, your habits, and everything else in life. You have to be sure that you are willing to share absolutely everything with your partner, and in turn, accept everything this person has to offer you — both the good and the bad.

We learn in time to commit and sacrifice for people we love. You should not settle until you are ready for that and you’re sure your partner is too. Take your time in life. Life may seem really short, and indeed sometimes it might be, but you need to focus on yourself before you focus on anyone else. Loving yourself first allows you to love others. If you are not at a point in life where you are confident and in love with yourself, then you can not give that to anyone else.