Are You One Of The Most Aggressive Signs Of The Zodiac?

Are You One Of The Most Aggressive Signs Of The Zodiac?

Astrology has a lot to say about a lot of things. And while some of it may be true, it should always be used purely for fun - even if what it has to say is not always fun.

Take aggressivity, for example. We all get aggressive sometimes. It can have different causes. Some people only need one bad look, some you can push as far as you want and they'll never respond with anger.

It all comes down to individual psychology and what the current circumstances are.

But just for fun, wouldn't you want to know if your sign is on the "Most Aggressive" list? Take a look!


We all know an Aries, and we know just how strong-willed they are. They have an intimidating force sometimes, and it sometimes stems from that aggression. However, they are not evil or bad.

While they do get aggressive easily, they do so when they see an injustice or when someone hurts their loved ones. Okay, maybe a little bit when someone tries to prove them wrong.

And while your strong can come off as scary sometimes, it's also the reason why you are so successful and well-respected by everyone around you.

However, try to relax a little bit and cool yourself off when things get heated.


Geminis are seen as signs with two sides of personality. One is caring and loving and the other one is a bit more bossy and temperamental. Depending on the situation and the people around you, you may sow the aggressive one more.

This is why people see Geminis as unfriendly. They often start telling people what to do and believe that they are the smartest ones to judge. They may not even notice what they are doing, but the people around them definitely do, and it's not pleasant.

Try to show people your charming, kind side more, especially if they don't deserve your anger.


Leos have a fiery temperament. No wonder, this is a fire sign. And because of that fiery temperament, they can often come off as aggressive.

Often seen as kind, charming and warm, Leos quickly turn red if they are not the center of attention or if things aren't going their way. Of course, they won't show that they are aggressive because of that, but they will rather say that they are angry about something else.

This is especially likely to happen if there is some form of competition or if Leo isn't recognized for something they did.

Getting a hold of your temper is a good idea. Recognize that you can't always be in the center of attention and that you can't always win. Calm down.


Scorpios are generally angry people, but they can get very irritable when in a bad mood. This is when you better not come at them with something that can annoy them. This aggression can come from anxiety and stress as well.

While Scorpio's mood is often very favorable, recognizing when a Scorpio is in a bad mood is easy and they are best left alone. They also get very angry at people trying to harm their loved ones and they might get aggressive when someone insults their intelligence.

As a Scorpio, you need to learn to control your temper and be more understanding of other people. They don't mean to harm you or annoy you, so you don't have to be mean to them.

There you have it - the four most aggressive signs of the zodiac. Of course, keep in mind that they are not aggressive to be mean or do harm - they are aggressive to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their opinions. Which is pretty understandable, right?