Are You Low Maintenance Or Do You Just Have Low Standards?


Using the term "low maintenance" is often seen as a point of pride among women. They believe it implies that they are more easy-going and therefore more attractive to date. However, it's important to make sure you're not confusing being low maintenance with settling for less than you deserve in a relationship before you add it to your dating profile.

1. You're "Cool" With Things You're Not Actually Cool With

Some people might not mind if their partner doesn't respond to messages for days on end, but pretending to be okay with things that actually bother you is not a healthy approach. Going along with something just to appear "cool" doesn't make you cool; it just makes you a pushover.

2. You're Always The One Compromising What You Want

Being willing to compromise is a positive trait in a partner, but it doesn't automatically make you low-maintenance. Some individuals think that always acquiescing to their partner's desires makes them more relaxed or easier to be with. While this may resolve conflicts quickly, constantly giving in while never getting your way can lead to feeling bullied in your own relationship.

3. You Base Your Standards On What Guys Want, Not What You Want

The "dream girl" in every bro-flick is a familiar character - she's stunningly beautiful yet can drink and eat as much as the guys. She forgives her boyfriend for his terrible choices and shares his interests in "masculine" topics like sports. If this is who you genuinely are, congratulations! But if you're only trying to be that girl because you believe it's what men want, you won't attract the right person for you.

4. You're "Chill" Because You Don't Think You Can Do Better

Do you honestly not care if your partner won't commit, or do you say that because you believe you can't find a man who will commit to you? Don't label yourself as a beggar. You can choose what you want, and you shouldn't put up with disrespectful behavior just because you think there's nothing better out there for you.

5. You Stay With People You Know You Should Break Up With

It's true that everyone makes mistakes, and having patience in a relationship is an admirable trait. However, there's a fine line between acknowledging that your partner is flawed and staying with someone who is ultimately detrimental to your well-being. If you find yourself believing that you're a low-maintenance partner simply because you're tolerating a bad relationship, it's crucial to break things off and take time to redefine your standards as an independent woman.

6. You Stay Silent On Things That Bother You

Choosing which battles to fight is important, but suppressing your true feelings to give the impression that nothing bothers you is another matter altogether. Even those who are typically easy-going will assert themselves when their boundaries are crossed. If you remain silent, it may be because you feel that your thoughts would not be valued. A partner who listens is crucial, and if yours does not, it may be time to reevaluate the relationship.

7. Your Role Is More Motherly Than Girlfriend-Y

Caring for your partner when they need it is one thing, but assuming the role of a mother figure is another. While it's nice to take care of your partner after a night of partying, it becomes problematic when you're always cleaning up after them. This goes beyond being a supportive girlfriend who lets small things slide; you've become a caregiver for an adult man who can't take care of himself.

8. You Know That If You Were To Ask For Something, You Probably Wouldn't Get It

You may impress your boyfriend by fulfilling his every desire, but would he reciprocate? If you're hesitant to ask yourself this question, it's likely that you understand the dynamic of your relationship is one-sided. You should never be afraid of losing your reputation as an easy-going girlfriend because you want something that would make you happy. It's especially unfair if your boyfriend would not hesitate to ask the same of you.

9. You're Always, Always The Giver

Relationships should be based on a fair give-and-take dynamic, ideally split 50/50. However, there may be times when one partner gives more than the other, and that's okay. Nevertheless, issues arise when your partner becomes too comfortable with taking and refuses to reciprocate. Accepting such an imbalance means you are disregarding your own needs, and it doesn't reflect on your level of easy-goingness.

10. Deep Down, You Know You're Settling

It's easy to deceive yourself into thinking that you don't need much from your partner to be happy. In particular, society often praises the idea of being a "cool girl," leading you to believe that finding true love is easier if you just go with the flow and let things slide in your relationships. However, it's important to reflect on who you truly want to be. If your instincts are telling you that you're settling for less than you deserve, there's a reason. Pay attention to these feelings and take action if necessary to raise the bar in your relationships.