Are You "Just Hanging Out" Or Is It An Actual Date?

After receiving a text from your crush asking if you'd like to hang out over the weekend, you agree and feel ecstatic. However, as the initial excitement subsides, you begin to question the true meaning behind "hanging out." Are you being asked out on a date or just hanging out as friends? It can be challenging to decode the intent behind the invitation without asking him directly. However, since you may not want to risk appearing awkward by asking if he likes you, there are a few things that could help you determine if it's a date when the time comes.

1. Does he actually plan out the evening?

If you receive a text from him at midnight, asking if you want to grab a bite to eat, it's likely not a date, but rather a hookup. On the other hand, if he plans ahead of time, such as making reservations for a restaurant a week in advance, then it's undoubtedly a date.

2. Does he look nice?

A suit and tie aren't necessary for it to qualify as a date. However, if he shows up wearing gym clothes or pajama pants, it's likely that he doesn't care much about your impression of him. If it were a date, he would have made some effort, such as wearing a clean shirt and a touch of cologne.

3. Does he look nervous?

If he's nervously fidgeting with his hands and maintaining awkward eye contact with you, it's actually a positive sign. It indicates that he's concerned about your impression of him, which demonstrates that he values your thoughts. In other words, it's highly likely that it's a date.

4. Does he offer to pay?

When friends go out to eat, it's typically each person pays for themselves. Therefore, if he insists on paying for your meal, it's a strong indicator that it's a date. Even if you decline and end up splitting the bill, it doesn't alter the fact that he might attempt to kiss you later in the evening.

5. Are his friends around?

A date should involve only two people. If he invites his friends, cousins, and strangers off the street to join you for bowling, it's just a casual hangout rather than a date. With that many people around, there's no opportunity for romance.

6. Does he sit next to you?

If you sit on his couch, but he chooses to sit on a chair on the opposite side of the room, it's likely that he's not interested in you. It's impossible for him to try to make a move and put his arm around you from such a distance.

7. Does he keep checking his phone?

It's impolite to check your phone while on a date, but it's acceptable when you're simply hanging out with a few friends. Therefore, if you're sharing a story with him, but he's only partially engaged and tapping on his phone, it's likely that he perceives you as a friend. Even if he thinks it's a date, it's evident that he's not someone who would make a good boyfriend.

8. Does he meet you there?

If you both take your separate cars to Applebee's, he won't have the opportunity to walk you to your doorstep for a classic first kiss. If it were a genuine date, he would have offered to drive you at the very least.

9. Does he talk about other women?

If he ogles at the waitress' chest or discusses his crush on a coworker with you, then it's apparent that he doesn't view you romantically. If he did, he would not even consider mentioning another woman's name while in your presence.

10. Does he bring you flowers?

Whether he bought you pricey roses or plucked dandelions from your front yard, it's evident that you're on a date. Obviously.