Are You In A Relationship With A Narcissist? 10 Ways To Know

Are You In A Relationship With A Narcissist? 10 Ways To Know

When a narcissist is done talking about himself, he will give you a chance to talk about them too. A narcissist is the fakest person you will ever meet.

According to Stephen Johnson, a psychologist, a narcissist is someone who has "buried his true self-expression in response to early injuries and replaced it with a highly developed, compensatory false self."

Narcissists will always manipulate, and that's why it's important to know if you are dealing with one to avoid falling victim.


So, here are 10 ways to tell that you are dealing with a narcissist.

1. No Respect For Boundaries

A narcissist will have no respect for your boundaries, physical, emotional, or psychological. They will not even feel remorse for crossing the line. That is why they will comfortably borrow money and not give it back, break promises, and reveal your secrets without a shred of regret.


2. Grandiose Personality

Narcissists believe they are a gift to the world. Therefore, they can feel extremely important and that others need them to survive.

3. Hoarding Conversations

A narcissist will never readily give you a chance to talk unless it's about them and in a positive manner. If you constantly struggle to have your views heard with this person, then that might be a sign that you are dealing with a narcissist.


4. Charm

Charm gets most people mixed up with narcissists. They know how to fake interest in other people and draw them in by making them feel special and important. But as soon as you are hooked and show genuine care for them, the interest will be gone and they will focus on how you can benefit them and cater to their endless needs.

5. Negativity

A narcissist will court attention at all costs. That is why these people often spread any news that gets them attention, including negative information they make up themselves. They also get very negative when they sense that someone has negative sentiments towards them.


6. Interrupting Conversations

Cutting off other people as they speak might not always be a sign that someone is a narcissist. However, with a narcissist, you will notice a difference in that the interruptions will always involve a change of topic to something that touches on them. There is no genuine interest in anything that isn't about them.

7. Projecting A False Image

Narcissists are good at making themselves look good to others, while that is hardly the case. They want you to think they are very accomplished academically, sexually, financially, religiously, and so forth. However, that is not the truth as they are deeply flawed.


8. Manipulating Others

Narcissists, on a deep level, believe that other people exist for their benefit. They manipulate their spouses, children, friends, and anyone else who crosses their paths to fulfill their desires.

9. Breaking Rules

If there is something a narcissist loves, it's getting away with breaking the rules. This includes under-tipping, cutting lines, getting a larger share than everyone else, and so forth.


10. Sense Of Entitlement

A narcissist will always expect that the world will treat them differently because they have a feeling that they are special. They expect you to do them favors and expect to offer nothing in return.

If you see a couple of these signs on someone you keep close, odds are that you are dealing with a narcissist. Before things get any worse, because they will, you better walk away because the relationship will drain your energy and make your life hell.