Are You In A Lopsided Relationship? 10 Signs You Care More Than They Do


It would be ideal if both partners cared for each other equally in a perfect world. However, there is a chance that one person may love more deeply, invest more effort, and care more. You might not be aware of it, but you could be in a one-sided relationship. These 11 indications show that you care more about your partner than they do about you.

1. You Do All The Work

When a person truly cares, they demonstrate it through their actions, such as arranging dates, opening doors, and taking you on weekend trips. Their actions will reveal their affection for you, leaving no room for doubt. However, if your partner has stopped putting in the effort to pursue you and you are the only one striving to maintain the relationship, I'm sorry to say this, but they may not care about you as much as you care about them.


2. You're Pushing For A Label

When someone is eager to have you exclusively and prevent you from seeing other people, they will go to great lengths to make you their girlfriend. However, if you are the one insisting on a label and they are reluctant to commit, your relationship is unequal. To put it bluntly, they may never feel as strongly about you as you do about them.


3. You Always Put Them First But You're Never A Priority

Occasionally, it's necessary to prioritize your own needs to maintain your integrity and mental well-being. If you constantly do what your partner wants, watch their preferred movies, and dine at their selected restaurants, you'll feel undervalued. You've reached a point where your entire relationship revolves around them because you care too much, which is evident.


4. You Initiate Affection Every Single Time

It's perfectly fine for some people to not be enthusiastic about public displays of affection. However, if they also refrain from showing affection towards you in private, then there's a concern that needs to be addressed. While there should be a balance in initiating intimacy and affection, if you're always the one who has to take the lead, then you don't truly experience a reciprocal relationship.


5. You're Always The First One To Reach Out

It's been a few days since you last heard from them, and instead of waiting for their call, you immediately dial their number. They don't bother reaching out to you first because they're aware that you'll start frantically contacting them when they go silent on you. They recognize that you care excessively, and that's why they don't initiate communication. Don't you think you deserve more than this type of behavior from a partner?


6. You Don't Hesitate To Drop Everything For Them

You frequently adjust your schedule to suit their needs, but they never reciprocate the favor. While you understand that they'll never skip their weekly night out with their friends, you're always willing to cancel your plans with your own friends to spend time with them.

7. You Settle For The Bare Minimum

Your excessive care for them leads you to settle for whatever little attention they give you. Despite knowing that you should ask for more, you've trained yourself to be content with whatever they offer. Although you may realize that you should leave this situation, it's unlikely that you will do so. Isn't it time for you to reduce your level of concern?


8. You Ask More Questions

You show curiosity in their day, asking about their meals, social interactions, and activities. However, they don't reciprocate the same level of interest in your life. If you're the one who frequently asks questions to learn more about them, it's likely because you're more invested in the relationship than they are.

9. You Never Hang Up First

Although many people dislike speaking on the phone, they will tolerate it for someone they genuinely care for. They may even prolong the conversation to continue hearing your voice. However, if your partner frequently ends your conversations abruptly and you're never the one to end the call, it's a significant warning sign.


10. You Take Up All Their Hobbies

Participating in your partner's interests is fine, but do they reciprocate the same for you? If you care more than they do, you may have noticed that you watch their favorite TV shows and attend their preferred concerts. But do they make the same effort for you? If you're always enthusiastic about trying new things to please them, they should be doing the same for you. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to occur, and you're likely stuck in an unbalanced relationship.