Are You His Top Priority Or His Backup Plan? How To Tell


If you're at home, pondering why the guy you're completely in love with hasn't made any effort to commit to you, don't wonder any longer. It's not because he's too busy or his phone hasn't been working for days. The truth is, you're not his priority; you're simply his backup plan, and that's not acceptable.

1. He Never Makes Concrete Plans

He will never readily make plans with you on a particular day and time. He wants to keep his schedule free, just in case the girl he really likes decides to go out with him. If you're continuously receiving last-minute invitations, it's likely because all of his other options are unavailable.


2. You Can Never Get Ahold Of Him

A guy who's genuinely interested in you will have his own life, but he will never be too busy to talk on the phone or exchange a few text messages throughout the day. If you're the backup girl, you'll notice that the guy you like is always absent. He may not answer your calls or take hours to respond to a simple "what's up?" message. Since you're not his top priority, he'll get back to you when he feels like it.


3. Trying To Get Information From Him Is Like Pulling Teeth

Obtaining a straightforward response from him is as difficult as gaining entry to the Pentagon. He refrains from answering basic questions like his whereabouts or the status of your relationship. The man who is keeping you as a backup will not disclose too much information too quickly. He desires to maintain your interest, but at the same time, he does not want you to become too attached to him in case he ends up leaving you for someone else.


4. Emotions? What Emotions?

He will open up to the woman he envisions a future with, but if you are just a backup, he will safeguard his heart like it's Fort Knox. Rather than trying to make him share his deepest feelings, it is time to realize that he won't reveal his innermost thoughts to anyone other than the woman he is truly interested in. Unfortunately, that woman probably isn't you.


5. Date Night Is Always On Your Couch

Do not be mistaken; just because he is sleeping with you does not mean you are the only woman in his rotation. He may very well engage in sexual activities with you on Thursday and attempt to seduce the woman he truly desires on Friday. If a man is keeping you as a backup, he will want to maintain the physical aspect of your relationship at all costs. However, do not expect him to treat you to fancy dinners or outings. He will go all out for someone he is really interested in, but as his backup girl, your dates will consist of cuddling on the couch and watching movies... on your Netflix account, of course.


6. He's Glued To His Phone

When a guy appears to always be waiting for an important call or text, chances are he actually is. If he doesn't make you a priority, it's likely he's chatting with other girls. Even during your time together, he may be distracted by a critical message he must respond to immediately. If he doesn't disclose who he's messaging, it's probable that he's communicating with the girl who has captured his heart.


7. He's Crazy About His Privacy

While privacy is a fundamental right, guys who obsessively guard their personal information often have something to conceal. He might claim that he doesn't add the girls he dates on social media and dodge your camera every time you try to take a picture. He can't risk his photo being shared online and seen by the girl of his dreams. Therefore, he uses the excuse of valuing his privacy to keep his secrets hidden.


8. You Haven't Met The Important People

If several months have passed, and you still haven't met his friends, it's not because he's uncertain about the relationship. It's probable that he's involved with another girl who is receiving all the girlfriend perks while you're merely the backup option.

9. He's Gone With The Wind During Major Holidays

Were you hoping to spend New Year's Eve watching the ball drop with your partner, snuggled up in their arms? If he's keeping you as a backup, and you didn't hear from him even when the clock struck midnight, that's a significant warning sign. Most people feel incredibly happy and excited during major holidays, and they want to spend those special moments with the person they love the most. If he didn't stop by on Christmas Eve or invite you to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July, unfortunately, you might just be his backup plan.


10. He Never Tries To Impress You

Men often try to impress and show off for the women they care about. However, if you've noticed that your partner rarely dresses up or tidies his place when you visit, it's possible that you aren't the woman of his dreams. You could be just a placeholder until the woman he truly desires finally gives him a chance.