Are You Having Mediocre Or Mind-Blowing Sex? This Is How You'll Know

We've all experienced average sexual encounters that leave us feeling unfulfilled, with a lackluster and underwhelming climax. However, on occasion, sex can be an extraordinary experience, akin to a fantastical journey on a unicorn to a land of sweets, leaving us with a lasting sense of contentment. In summary, there is a significant contrast between mediocre and mind-blowing sex, and the following are some fundamental distinctions between them:

1. Mediocre sex makes you feel… awkward

We've all encountered the discomfort that accompanies average sex: the lack of eye contact, rigid movements, and a deafening silence that leaves you wondering when it will all be over. The aftermath of such an experience is typically accompanied by feelings of remorse that linger for days, making it clear that it was not worth the effort.

2. Mind-blowing sex makes you smile

Experiencing exceptional sex can leave you feeling elated for days. It's reminiscent of the scene in "500 Days of Summer" where Joseph Gordon-Levitt joyfully dances down the street after having sex with Zooey Deschanel because the experience was just that amazing.

3. Mediocre sex happens when you're stuck in your head

If you are constantly doubting or worrying about your appearance during sex, chances are it will be a mediocre experience. It is difficult to achieve orgasm while under stress, so it is essential to relax, take deep breaths, and for heaven's sake, enjoy the experience.

4. Mind-blowing sex happens when you trust in the moment

When your mind is uncluttered, and you have confidence in the situation, amazing things can happen. The most exceptional sexual encounters are almost meditative. When you are entirely present in the moment, focusing solely on each other and nothing else, mind-blowing sex is bound to happen (or at least it's highly probable).

5. Mediocre sex is usually with someone you don't trust

Engaging in sexual activity with a stranger can be exciting and daring, but it is seldom mind-blowing. Both parties are likely to hold back because of their lack of familiarity with each other, making it impossible to know each other's preferences. This does not imply that the experience cannot be enjoyable, but it is improbable to reach the point of screaming one's partner's name in ecstasy.

6. Mind-blowing sex is usually with someone you have a deep connection with

When you have a deep connection and complete trust with your partner, the sexual experience is pure bliss. There is no inhibition when looking into their eyes, and you feel completely supported and accepted, which allows you to let loose and explore your wild and sexy side.

7. Mediocre sex feels stifled

Merely going through the motions of what you assume is expected of you leads to an awkward sexual encounter that both parties would prefer to end as soon as it starts. Even if you can convincingly make it appear amazing, in truth, it is unlikely to be so.

8. Mind blowing sex is free-flowing and loose

The most exceptional sexual experiences make you feel like anything could happen at any moment. You savor each other's bodies as if it were a feast, where anything goes—kissing, touching, licking, changing positions. It's akin to an improvised dance routine, where you move together in perfect harmony.

9. Mediocre sex is the same thing over and over again

You know how it goes: select a position and remain in it until someone orgasms. But where's the excitement in that? If you're only experiencing one motion in a particular position, you might as well call it a snooze-fest because it's dreadfully boring.

10. Mind-blowing sex has endless variety

The most exceptional sexual experiences involve the exploration of all body parts and various techniques. This includes oral sex, anal play, BDSM (if that's what you're into), deep kissing, hand jobs, blow jobs, and everything in between! You don't have to limit yourself to just one option; you can indulge in all of them for as long as you desire. That's when sex becomes truly remarkable.

11. Mediocre sex happens when you're not ready

Being physically prepared is one thing, but being mentally prepared is an entirely different matter. Firstly, if you're not lubricated, you're not ready for sex. If you're not in the mood or haven't eagerly consented to engage in sexual activity with your partner, it's unlikely to be pleasurable, unless you're enacting a role-playing scenario. Anticipate the sex being quite unremarkable.

12. Mind-blowing sex is consensual

Do you want to know when the most amazing sex happens? It's when both partners genuinely desire it. Nothing is hotter than two individuals who are eager to explore each other's bodies. When everything aligns perfectly, the sexual experience is like a fireworks display.