Are You Having Legit Relationship Doubts Or Just Cold Feet?

If you've been single for a long time and then enter into a relationship, your life undergoes a significant change. You're accustomed to being accountable to only yourself, so adjusting to the presence of another person can be challenging, even if your partner is amazing. This transition may cause you to feel hesitant, but how can you tell if your doubts are reasonable or simply unnecessary anxiety? There are methods to distinguish between the two.

1. Do You Trust Him 100 Percent?

If you're convinced that you do trust your partner, it's likely that you're simply experiencing cold feet. Lack of trust can be a significant problem in any relationship, and if you're experiencing genuine doubts about your relationship, it may be a warning sign that you don't trust your partner enough for the relationship to succeed.

2. Do You Want The Same Things Out Of Life?

Even if your current relationship is excellent, it's crucial to think about the future. Do you and your partner share the same views on crucial matters like marriage and having children? Have you talked about these topics? If not, it's time to initiate these essential conversations to avoid wasting each other's time. If you've already discussed and agreed upon shared objectives, then there's no need to worry. You might just be feeling anxious because committed relationships can be intimidating.

3. Are You Completely And Totally Attracted To Him?

Committing to someone long-term whom you might not want to be intimate with in the future can be a risky move. Settling for a person who is kind and treats you well, but doesn't ignite your passion, can be thrilling at first, but the consequences of settling will eventually catch up with you. You don't want to hurt the feelings of a kind and loving partner, nor do you want to endure sexual experiences that repulse you in the future.

4. Does He Truly Makes You Happy?

If you're certain that your partner brings you happiness and brightens up your days, then your nervousness may simply be cold feet, and you can try to calm down. However, if your instincts tell you that you're not entirely content in the relationship, your doubts might be legitimate.

5. What Do Your Friends And Family Think?

While there's no definitive rule that your loved ones are always correct about who you should date, they do know you better than anyone else. They were there for you when you were single and can recognize the changes in your behavior since you began the relationship, whether those changes are positive or negative. If they have already pointed out some obvious warning signs, it may be necessary to reassess the situation.

6. If You Could Change Anything About Him, Would You?

It may seem like a tricky question, but it's not. You can answer "yes" to this question without having any genuine doubts about the relationship, as long as it's just wishful thinking. However, if you can immediately identify a lengthy list of things you'd like to change about your partner, then you might have legitimate doubts about the relationship.

7. What Does Your Heart Tell You?

Your intuition will let you know if your doubts are real or if you're needlessly worrying. Your gut feeling is always truthful; the challenge is paying attention to it. If you can genuinely listen to your heart, you'll know without a doubt if your partner is the right one for you.