Are You Doing Too Much For Him? 10 Signs He's Mooching Off You

It is natural to desire to care for and support the person you love, but overdoing it can be detrimental, especially when you are not receiving the same level of effort in return. It can be quite painful and frustrating to feel as though your affection and generosity are being exploited. If you observe any of the following behaviors, it's a clear indication that your love and kindness are being taken for granted.


1. He Moves In Way Too Fast

Initially, it may appear endearing that he never wants to depart from your abode. You might believe that his infatuation with you is the reason behind it and that he doesn't want to be away from you even for a moment. However, it's possible that your dwelling is far superior to where he is currently residing. If he is still residing with his parents or staying at a friend's place, having a girlfriend with her own place could offer significant advantages.


2. He Always Talks About Wanting To Take Care Of You

When it comes to the way he desires to treat you, he utters precisely everything you want to hear. He asserts that he would lavish you with presents, vacations, and fancy dinners if he had unlimited resources. However, he is unable to do so. Don't be deceived by his sugary language when his conduct is unable to match up.


3. He Can Barely Take Care Of Himself

Tasks that most accountable adults have already learned to do proficiently are immensely challenging for him. Simple activities such as brushing his teeth or verifying his bank account before a significant purchase are things he often fails to remember to take care of. You could easily end up being like his surrogate mother, constantly reminding him of his obligations. Are you positive that this is a role you desire to undertake?


4. He Makes You Feel Guilty Doing Things For Yourself

Although it's your money, when you spend it, it seems like his money too. Even getting your nails done transforms into something that you feel compelled to seek permission for, and that's not acceptable, particularly when he is incapable of supporting himself.

5. He Always Wants To Go Out

Despite portraying money as tight when it comes to indulging yourself, he aspires to maintain the facade of possessing a financially stable lifestyle. He desires to go out for drinks and sport new attire. Although he may not be earning a significant amount (or any money), he intends to behave as if he is.


6. He Doesn't Have A Real Plan For His Future

Moochers prioritize living in the present and do not consider planning for the future to be essential. They prefer to take their chances and see where fate takes them instead of devising practical plans for the upcoming years.

7. His Dreams Are Unrealistic

Contemporary incarnations of starving artists such as musicians and YouTubers have the potential to be moochers. He harbors grand and audacious aspirations, and although it may seem charming initially to be with someone who is so zealous about their life goals, it can rapidly morph into resentment once you realize that the life they are pursuing is still a distant dream.


8. He's Always In A Crisis

There is consistently some significant and dreadful event that occurred to him, which is impeding him from stabilizing his life. Moochers have a propensity for experiencing frequent car accidents and losing their grandparents, which excuses them from assuming any actual world obligations. Your role is to provide them with comfort during this time of distress, not to be concerned about them securing a proper job or fulfilling any responsibilities.


9. He Can Barely Hold Down A Normal Job

Moochers generally possess a lengthy record of half-hearted jobs that they quit for unreasonable grounds. While several individuals have acquired the skill to endure working at a job where they didn't see eye-to-eye with their boss, it was non-negotiable for a moocher.

10. He Has Little Or No Bills

At a certain point, being an adult entails being accountable for paying bills - expenses that are solely your responsibility every month. Shockingly, your partner has made it this far without signing up for their personal cell phone plan. This is a significant warning sign, indicating that you should cut your losses, kick them out, and move on.


11. He's Pretty Much Always One Step Away From Being Homeless

If you contemplate where he would go if you stopped taking care of him, it's a sign that you are dealing with a moocher. If you are unsure whether his parents would accept him back in for the umpteenth time, then you know you have a moocher on your hands. Although you may feel somewhat accountable for facilitating his lifestyle, you are not responsible for making it convenient for him to evade maturing. You deserve someone who can manage their own responsibilities instead of expecting you to carry their burden as well as your own.