Are You Destined For Longevity? If You Are Among These 5 Zodiac Signs, It's More Than Likely

Are You Destined For Longevity? If You Are Among These 5 Zodiac Signs, It’s More Than Likely

Nobody likes being the oldest person in the room, but we all want to outlive them all. Ironic, isn't it?

Long Life And Happiness Is Something We All Desire

Some hit the genetic lottery by being born into families known for defying an early death.

Others grow up in environments where their health is hardly at risk, and others are working their butts off in the gym and gulping health cleanses to get a few more years of life.

And now, astrologers say that some zodiac signs have a reason to smile because long life is part of who they are.

Here we go.

1. Aries–Max von Sydow (89)

If you are an Aries, odds are that you are a survivor. You regularly beat the odds to come out on top. You not carrying grudges makes you happier and more likely to have a long and happy life.

2. Gemini–Clint Eastwood (88)

Geminis are usually full of optimism. They always hope to see the good in everything. They are also loving and caring and will often take care of their loved ones as they also understand the emotional and psychological benefits this can offer. No wonder they have such happy and long lives.

3. Capricorn–Betty White (96)

These guys know how to keep chronic illnesses off. Chances are that if you are a Capricorn, you make a lot of effort to take care of yourself, and it pays off.

4. Libra–Brigitte Bardot (84)

Libras can get emotional, that's for sure. But they are also good at focusing on the good and fun moments and they know how to put the bad times behind them. And so, they know how to relax and avoid stress. With such choices in life, it should hardly be surprising that Libras live long and satisfying lives.

5. Virgo–Sean Connery (88)

One thing a Virgo cares about in life is living healthy. They are very disciplined, and they know how to make a proper lifestyle a priority. Another reason these guys outlive many people is that they are usually friendly and base their decisions on logic.

Happy with the list? I guess that depends on whether or not you are on it. But whatever the case, it takes a lot of things to have a long, happy and fulfilling life. It is not all about your zodiac sign. So, make better life choices, give up bad habits, stop holding grudges, be happier, and have a more optimistic view of life and you will be fine.